Hank Williams – I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

Did you hear that lonesome whippoorwill? He sounds too blue to fly The midnight train is whining low I’m so lonesome, i could cry I’ve never seen a night so long When time goes crawling by The moon just went behind a cloud To hide its face and cry Did you ever see a robin..


Aaron Tippin – One Voice

Verse 1 We’re Living In The 21st Century But We’re Still Fighting For Peace Wars, Hate Crimes And Terrorist Attacks It’s Making It Hard To Breathe We’re Investing In Weapons Of Mass Destruction When The Third World Is Hungry You And I Have The Power To Create A Future Without Violence And Poverty Get Informed,..


Keith Urban – For You

All I Saw Was Smoke And Fire; I Didn’t Feel A Thing, But Suddenly I Was Rising Higher. And I Felt Like I’d Just Made The Biggest Mistake When I Thought About My Unborn Child; When I Thought About My Wife. And The Answer Rang Out Clear From Somewhere Up Above: No Greater Gift Has..


Dar Williams – It’s Alright

I know change is a bad thing Breaks me down into a sorry sad thing Not some iridescent grateful butterfly I’ll resist with defiance Not the valor of a mystic silence I will fight the dizzy spiral of goodbye And it’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright Please don’t say..


Toby Keith – Me Too

If I Send You Roses, For No Reason At All If Out Of The Blue, I Stop And Give You A Call Once In Awhile, It’s Breakfast In Bed And Then Pull The Covers Back Up Over Our Heads If I Call In Sick, Just To Stay Home With You I Want You To Know,..


Stealing Angels – If I Had A Ladder

We never even knew what we were building But we knew when it was done We made these bricks and we laid them one by one Now look at what we’ve created Out of heartache, silence and tears Something this high wasn’t built in a night, It takes years [chorus] If i had a ladder..


Alan Jackson – Little Bitty

Have A Little Love On A Little Honeymoon You Got A Little Dish And You Got A Little Spoon A Little Bitty House And A Little Bitty Yard A Little Bitty Dog And A Little Bitty Car. Well, It’s Alright To Be Little Bitty A Little Hometown Or A Big Old City Might As Well..