Toby Keith – Me Too

If I Send You Roses, For No Reason At All If Out Of The Blue, I Stop And Give You A Call Once In Awhile, It’s Breakfast In Bed And Then Pull The Covers Back Up Over Our Heads If I Call In Sick, Just To Stay Home With You I Want You To Know,..


Stealing Angels – If I Had A Ladder

We never even knew what we were building But we knew when it was done We made these bricks and we laid them one by one Now look at what we’ve created Out of heartache, silence and tears Something this high wasn’t built in a night, It takes years [chorus] If i had a ladder..


Alan Jackson – Little Bitty

Have A Little Love On A Little Honeymoon You Got A Little Dish And You Got A Little Spoon A Little Bitty House And A Little Bitty Yard A Little Bitty Dog And A Little Bitty Car. Well, It’s Alright To Be Little Bitty A Little Hometown Or A Big Old City Might As Well..


Taylor Swift – The Story Of Us

I Used To Think One Day We’d Tell The Story Of Us How We Met And The Sparks Flew Instantly And People Would Say They’re The Lucky Ones I Used To Know My Place Was The Spot Next To You Now I’m Searching The Room For An Empty Seat Cause Lately I Don’t Even Know..


Taylor Swift – Speak Now

I Am Not The Kind Of Girl Who Should Be Rudely Barging In On A White Veil Occasion But You Are Not The Kind Of Boy Who Should Be Marrying The Wrong Girl I Sneak In And See Your Friends And Her Snotty Little Family All Dressed In Pastel And She Is Yelling At A..


Taylor Swift – Ours

Elevator Buttons And Morning Air Stranger Silence Makes Me Wanna Take The Stairs If You Were Here We’d Laugh About Their Vacant Stares But Right Now, My Time Is Theirs Seems Like There’s Always Someone Who Disapproves They’ll Judge It Like They Know About Me And You And The Verdict Comes From Those With Nothing..


Deana Carter – Absence Of The Heart

I write you letters…but i don’t send them I just can’t figure out how to end them. I try to reach you, You’re right beside me, There’s somethin’ missin’, And we can’t deny that we live together separately, We don’t want to fall apart, But every time we kiss, there’s an emptiness… An absence of..