Ray Price – Crazy Arms

Now blue ain’t the wold for the way that i feel And the storm’s brewing in this heart of mine This ain’t no crazy dream i know that it’s real You’re someone else’s love now you’re not mine. Crazy arms that reach to hold somebody new For my yearning heart keeps saying you’re not mine..


Willie Nelson – Bubbles In My Beer

Tonight in the bar alone i’m sitting Apart from the laughter and the cheer Scenes from the past rise before me Watchin’ the bubbles in my beer (chorus:) Visions of someone who loved me Brings a lone silent tear to my eye And i know that my life’s been a failure Watchin’ the bubbles in..


Ray Price – For The Good Times

Don’t look so sad I know it’s over But life goes on And this old world Will keep on turning Let’s just be glad We had some time to spend together There’s no need to watch the bridges That we’re burning Lay your head, Upon my pillow Hold your warm and tender body Close to..