Brad Paisley – I’m Gonna Miss Her

Well I love herBut I love to fishI spend all day out on this lakeAnd hell is all I catchBut today she met me at the doorSaid I would have to choseIf I hit that fishin’ hole todayShe’d be packin’ all her things and she’d be gone by noonWell I’m gonna miss herWhen I get..


Bruce Springsteen – The Promise

Johnny Works In A Factory Billy Works Downtown Terry Works In A Rock And Roll Band Looking For That Million Dollar Sound I Got A Job Down In Darlington Some Nights I Don’t Go Some Nights I Go To The Drive In Some Nights I Stay Home I Followed That Dream Just Like Those Guys..


Lady Antebellum – Lookin For A Good Time

Girl You’re Beautiful You’re Bout Near Perfect But I Bet Somebody’s Already Told You That Name Your Poison Name Your Passion Cause A Boy Like Me Just Couldn’t Help But Ask Keep On Talking To Me Baby I’m Hanging On Your Every Word Keep Those Drinks A Coming Maybe We’ll Both Get What We Deserve..


Charley Pride – Mississippi Cotton Pickin’ Delta Town

In a mississippi cotton pickin’ delta town One dusty street to walk up and down Nothin’ much to see but a starvin’ hound In a mississippi cotton pickin’ delta town. Down in the delta where i was born All we raised was cotton, potatoes and corn I’ve picked cotton till my fingers hurt Draggin’ the..


Sierra Noble – Possibility

Woke up at midnight all alone Was it a dream that you had phoned Were you even thinking of me Is it even a possibility Missing me Is it even a possibility Monday morning coming on fast Was hoping this august moon would last Whatever you tell me i wanna believe Is that even a..


Maren Morris – Sugar

[verse 1] Boy i’ve been cooking up one hell of a crush I’ve got you on my mind the minute i wake up You make the morning glow, make the rooster crow, get my juices flowing You know i got the spice but it ain’t enough [chorus] Baby would you be my sugar, sugar? Make..


David Lee Murphy – Just Don’t Wait Around Til’ She’s Leavin’

Lookin’ at the bare spot on the bedroom wall Brought home the honest truth to me The picture hangin’ there was just another treasure I had lost so foolishly It took all this to realize the talks we had Meant she was tired of playin’ And now i see she needed more Of what i..