Carters Chord – Love A Little Bigger

The Other Day I Started Watching A Story ’bout Starving Children As I Drank My Four Dollar Coffee Kinda Felt A Little Guilty Looking At The Faces On The TV Made Me Think About How Blessed I Am So I Decided That I, I I’m Gonna Sing A Little Louder Gonna Pray A Little Harder..


Garth Brooks – The Dance

Lookin’ back, On the memory of The dance we shared, (be)neath the stars above For a moment, All the world was right How could i have known, That you’d ever say goodbye? And now, I’m glad i didn’t know The way it all would end The way it all would go Our lives, Are better..


Steel Magnolia – Eggs Over Easy

Cookin’ you breakfast on a sunday mornin’ I should’ve seen this comin’ Even without warnin’ But you look so good there Standin’ in my kitchen You want your eggs over easy I said “quit your b*tchin'” Nothing ever came easy for me Nothing in this life is guaranteed Now i ain’t your maker But you..


Br5-49 – Too Lazy To Work Too Nervous To Steal

Well i met you in the middle of a bar room fight In a cheap hotel on the missouri side I had you out in my car in the parking lot Early next morning we were driving east Headed for the big city where i felt at least We could enjoy the weather as long..


Toby Keith – Getcha Some

Well Boy Meets Girl And It’s A Good Bet Girls Gonna Play A Little Hard To Get But They Both Got The Same Thing On Their Mind Ain’t That The Way That The World Goes Round Don’t It Get You Up Get You Down It Gets You Walking Around With A Flashlight Trying To Find..


Brad Paisley – I’m Gonna Miss Her

Well I love herBut I love to fishI spend all day out on this lakeAnd hell is all I catchBut today she met me at the doorSaid I would have to choseIf I hit that fishin’ hole todayShe’d be packin’ all her things and she’d be gone by noonWell I’m gonna miss herWhen I get..


Bruce Springsteen – The Promise

Johnny Works In A Factory Billy Works Downtown Terry Works In A Rock And Roll Band Looking For That Million Dollar Sound I Got A Job Down In Darlington Some Nights I Don’t Go Some Nights I Go To The Drive In Some Nights I Stay Home I Followed That Dream Just Like Those Guys..