Brantley Gilbert – The Weekend

[verse 1] Tick tock, i’m on the clock and i’m feeling like This job’s just 9 to 5’in my life away It’s like i’m back in school and i’m in the last class And i’m passing time until the bell ring Having visions of summertime Wait a minute now, that’s just later tonight Tan legs..


Maren Morris – My Church

[verse 1] I’ve cussed on a sunday I’ve cheated and i’ve lied I’ve fallen down from grace A few too many times But i find holy redemption When i put this car in drive Roll the windows down and turn up the dial [chorus] Can i get a hallelujah Can i get an amen Feels..


Eric Church – Drink In My Hand

Early Monday Morning To Friday At Five, Man I Work Work Work But I Don’t Climb Climb Climb Boss Man Can Shove That Over Time Up His Can, All You Got To Do Is Put A Drink In My Hand Fill It Up Or Throw It Down, I Got A Forty Hour Week Worth Of..


Eric Church – Lightning

These Four Walls Of Farnworth Are Closin’ In On Me My Final Meal Is Over They’re Gonna To Set Me Free I Can Feel The Fires A Burnin’ As The Devil Guards My Door I Hit My Knees In Search Of Jesus On A Cold Jailhouse Floor Lord Now I’m Singin’ Get Me Out Of..


Eric Church – Like A Wrecking Ball

I’ve, i’ve been gone, i’ve been gone too long singin’ my songs on the road, another town one more show then i’m coming home don’t give a damn what these keys are for i’m gonna knock down that front door and i’m gonna find out what that house is made of been too many nights..


Marty Stuart – Ghost Train Four Oh Ten

Think I’ll Go Down To The Depot, Those Trains Don’t Run No More. Take A Ticket And Start Walkin’, Down To The Old Gulf Shore. I’m Lookin’ For A Train, That Runs Silent With The Wind. Haulin’ Satchels Back From Nowhere, Ghost Train Four O Ten! Big Money Took My Cotton, Left Me Busted Down..


Toby Keith – My List

Under An Old Brass Paper Weight, Is My List Of Things To Do Today: Go To The Bank And The Hardware Store, Put A New Lock On The Cellar Door. I Cross ’em Off As I Get ’em Done, But When The Sun Is Settled, There’s Still More Than A Few Things Left I Haven’t..