Buddy Jewell – O’reilly Luck

Granddaddy used to sit me on his knee And tell me how it was in the old country Famine and floods and crops that failed I’d listen for hours as he told his tale He said “there must have been a curse on the family name” But he swore he’d be the one to break..


Stephanie Bentley – Who’s That Girl

Who’s that girl I believe i’ve seen that face before Who’s that girl I hardly recognize her anymore I don’t believe i’ve seen her lookin’ better Now she’s back and got her life together She ain’t draggin’ ’round the same old heartache She ain’t lookin’ through innocent eyes And though it’s clear in the mirror..


C.w. Mccall – Wolf Creek Pass

Me an earl was haulin’ chickens Ona flat bed outta’ wiggins And we ‘as spent all night On the uphill side Of 37 miles o’ hell Called wolf creek pass… which is up on the great divide. We was sittin’ there suckin’ toothpicks Drinkin’ nehis an’ onion soup mix, An’ i says earl, let’s mail..


Alan Jackson – I Don’t Even Know Your Name

Well, I was sitting in a roadhouse down on Highway 41 You were wipin’ off some ketchup on a table that was done I knew you didn’t see me, I was in a corner booth Of course you weren’t my waitress mine was missin’ her front tooth So I flagged you down for coffee, but..


Casey James – So Sweet

Used To Set My Life On Cruise Control Days Just Rollin’ On Thought I Was Doing All Right Alone Then I Saw Your Smile, And Then You Looked My Way And Everything Changed CHORUS: And I Don’t Know How I Got By How I Survived Life Living Without You Know Now What I Was Missin’..


Taylor Swift – Bad Blood

’cause baby, now we got bad blood You know it used to be mad love So take a look what you’ve done ’cause baby, now we got bad blood, hey! [verse 1 – kendrick lamar:] Hey! i can’t take it back, look where i’m at! We was on d like doc, remember that? (remember that)..


Bobbie Cryner – Daddy Laid The Blues On Me

Well, way back in their younger days, when they were running wild, my daddy had a dream, and momma had a child. he said: “girl you can’t be tying me down, i’m only seventeen. “an’ a man’s gotta get around, if you know what i mean.” then my momma said: “go on,” as she stood..