Kip Moore – Mary Was The Marrying Kind

Yeah Jenny Was A Kind You’d Call Up Late For A Date On Friday Night Didn’t Ever Matter How Much I Had To Drink She’d Come And Give Me A Ride Yeah Becky Was A Hell-raising Dart Throwing Girl That Could Match Me Beer For Beer Holly Was A Singer With Stars In Her Eyes..


Toby Keith – Stays In Mexico

His Name Was Steve Her Name Was Gina You’ve Never Been Here Before Have You [spoken] They Met At A Bar Called The Cabo Wabo Cantena He Was An Insurance Salesman From South Dakota She Was A First Grade School Teacher, Phoenix, Arizona No, My First Time Here [spoken] They Started Dancing And It Got..


Statler Brothers – The Teacher

A teacher came into the city And galilee was eager to hear What the teacher said turned the peoples heads And set the city right on it’s ear. He was holdin’ class on a mountain The class was intent on his word The lesson on the mount was how to live and make it count..


Bob Dylan – Jokerman

Standing on the waters casting your bread While the eyes of the idol with the iron head are glowing Distant ships sailing into the mist You were born with a snake in both of your fists While a hurricane was blowing Freedom just around the corner for you But with the truth so far off,..


Lyle Lovett – Teach Me About Love

(walter hyatt) Darlin’ don’t walk out on me Tryin’ to teach me a lesson Thinkin’ you’ll come back to a better man If you don’t like the way things go Just stay here and tell me so ’cause there’s one thing about me You’ve got to understand. I’ve had enough lonesome In my education I..


Brad Paisley – Start A Band

I never was a straight-laced straight-a student Teacher’s pet or child prodigy I wasn’t gonna get rich throwing a football It’d take too long to get a law degree So i sat down with mama and daddy They tried to talk some sense into my thick head But the best advice that i ever got..


Ash Bowers – I Still Believe In That

I was raised on the bible and the belt Taught to say yes sir and yes ma’m Say the grace before you eat Bow your head and take off your hat I still believe in that When neighbors weren’t just neighbors They were friends You could count on them through thick and thin To help..