Toby Keith – Stays In Mexico

His Name Was Steve Her Name Was Gina You’ve Never Been Here Before Have You [spoken] They Met At A Bar Called The Cabo Wabo Cantena He Was An Insurance Salesman From South Dakota She Was A First Grade School Teacher, Phoenix, Arizona No, My First Time Here [spoken] They Started Dancing And It Got..


Brett Eldredge – Drunk On Your Love

Verse 1] The second she walked through the door, i caught buzz One taste from your lips knocked me out just like a drug The rest of the night’s kind of blurry Now the sun’s peeking through the shades I can’t help but laugh cause i kind of like feeling this way [chorus] I woke..


Alan Jackson – Good Time

Work, Work All Week Long Punchin’ That Clock Dusk ’til Dawn Countin’ The Days ’til Friday Night That’s When All The Conditions Are Right For A Good Time, I Need A Good Time. And I Been Working All Week And I’m Tired I Don’t Wanna Sleep And I Wanna Have Fun It’s Time For A..


Steel Magnolia – Bulletproof

Got a new toyota, Traded in the hatchback Can’t make the payment, But i’m not worried ’bout that Cause i’m bulletproof Went and got my hair cut, Got a tattoo Nothin’ lady-like Wasn’t even thinkin’ ’bout you Cause i’m bulletproof Well i could stand in the middle of a thunderstorm Holding a lightning rod on..


Colt Ford – Mr.goodtime

I got two shot glasses and a bottle of tequila with Nothing but time on my hands. I got my boots on tight and some money for the jukebox, So tell me if you’re ready to dance. I said hey good looking what’s on your mind. Is there something i can help you find? She..


Chris Janson – ’til A Woman Comes Along

Yeah boys ride bikes And learn to drive them Old step sides In grandpa’s drive Pop the clutch smell The rubber burn And it’s on Then it’s shooting cans With no game plan And playing air guitar in a Rock and roll band Then it’s fake id’s and Chasing girls all night long Yeah til’..


Florida Georgia Line – Anything Goes

Alabama on a boombox, baby. ’bout to get a little boom-box, baby. Let’s go! Y’all better turn this around. feels good, now. Big stars breaking out through the indigo Chilly wind coming in in stereo Taillights disappearing ’bout a mile or so, Down the county road. Phone blowing up “where you is?” Baby saying “baby,..