Billy Ray Cyrus – Back To Tennessee

Fancy Cars And Diamond Rings, I Seen All Kinds Of Shiny Things, I Should Be Feelin’ Like A King, But Lord I Don’t. Great Big Towns, So Full Of Users. Make A Million, Still A Loser. Some May Bet On You To Win, Most Hope You Won’t. Livin’ Wild, Ain’t No Mercy Being Free, When..


Yankee Grey – All Things Considered

All things considered i’m doin’ just fine even though You left a hole the size of texas deep inside of my heart The way i feel i should be losing my mind But all things considered I’m doin’ just fine Woke up this morning to the sound of you slammin’ the door I got served..


Buddy Jewell – I Wanna Thank Everyone

I guess it started when i was a kid, If you said i couldn’t do it i did, Always had a stuborn streak, Put a wall in front of me, And i’ll find a way to get around it, There was a friend who said i’d never make the team, A lot of small town..


Dierks Bentley – The Woods

I Know A Little Place We Can Go Two Rights, A Left, Right Passed The Liquor Store There’s A Little Trail Only Me Might Know With Nothing But Top Cards In My Hand To Hold Is Where I Smoke My First Smoke Drank Beer From A Can Kissed The First Girl, Skipped School With My..


Ronnie Milsap – Civil War

It’s another day of blue and gray Since we made our home a battleground We’ve drawn the line You’re on the north side For now, the south side bedroom’s mine Well, it’s sister against brother Friend against lover It’s sad to say but pride’s the tie that binds Tell me, what are we fighting for..


Leann Rimes – Good Friend And A Glass Of Wine

I Need A Good Friend Well Who Died And Crowned Me Everybody’s Everything? I’m Even Busting My Butt Through The Weekend By The Time I Get Home There’s Not An Ounce Of Sanity Between The Dogs, My Mama’s Calls, Is It Against The Law For Me To Get What I Need? A Good Friend And..


Alan Jackson – Drive (for Daddy Gene)

It Was Painted Red The Stripe Was White It Was 18 Feet From The Bow To Stern Light Secondhand From A Dealer In Atlanta I Rode Up With Daddy When He Went There To Get Her We Put On A Shine, Put On A Motor Built Out Of Love And Made For The Water Ran..