Brad Paisley – Wrapped Around

Every day I clock outAnd head straight to her houseWe cuddle up on the couchBut it’s always ends the same ole wayI’m drivin home and it’s incredibly lateSomething’s gotta change, causeChorus:I’ve been wrapped around her fingerSince the first time we went outEvery day and every night she’s all I think aboutI need that girl beside..


Carrie Underwood – All American Girl

Since The Day They Got Married, He’d Been Praying For A Little Baby Boy. Someone He Could Take Fishing, Throw The Football And Be His Pride And Joy. He Could Already See Him Holding That Trophy, Taking His Team To State. But When The Nurse Came In With A Little Pink Blanket, All Those Big..


Amber Lynn Nicol – Fool For You

I’m The Fool Who Sits Around Feeling Sorry For Myself Only Girl That Misses You Prays To Stars What Else Can I Do? Ain’t Got Your Blue Jeans Ain’t Got Your House Key Is That Really Why You Called Me? (Chorus) I’m A Fool For You Tell Me Lies Tell Me You Need Me Too..


Aaron Tippin – Your Blue Shadow

It Cuts Every Corner Of Every Street I See It On The Face Of Everybody I Meet It Comes Out Of Nowhere, It Chills To The Bone When I’m By Myself, I’m Not Alone I’ve Tried To Run, I’ve Tried To Hide It’s Seen Me Laugh And It’s Seen Me Cry It’s Always There, Wherever..


Tim McGraw – My Little Girl

Gotta Hold On Easy As I Let You Go Going To Tell You How Much I Love You Though You Think You Already Know I Remember I Thought You Looked Like Angel Wrapped In Pink So Soft And Warm You’ve Had Me Wrapped Around Your Finger Since The Day You Were Born Your Beautiful Baby..


Michael Ray – Somewhere South

I think about blazing heat I think about small talk I think about the trash piling up in the back of a truck on cinder blocks I think about lawn chairs Watermelon on a paper plate I think about tea in a pitcher on a porch that’s drowning in sugar cane Oh i think i..


Marty Stuart – Little Heartbreaker

Well, You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Little Heartbreaker A Tiny Little Teardrop, Mover And A Shaker I Swear By The Moon And Stars Above You. You Got Me Wrapped Around Your Pretty Little Finger My Heart Is A Bell, You Know How To Ring Her So All Of This To Say “Baby, I Love You.”..