Justin Moore – Back That Thing Up

I Know You Scared Of That Cock A Doodle Do Don’t Worry He Ain’t Gonna Hurt You I Know You Ain’t Never Milked A Cow Before You Ain’t Never Slung Hay From A Second Floor Barn Door You Never Heard Of Daisy Or Of Ellie May Well, That’s Okay ’cause We Got All Day Honey,..


Billy Ray Cyrus – Somebody Said A Prayer

Just a single mom raisin up the kids Little tommy’s seven now and her daughter justine just turned ten Pinchin every cent laughin and lovin and content You would never think a couple years ago she almost let her job, Her kids, her mind, Her life go up in smoke right there on the edge..


Justin Moore – Backwoods

Rifle in a gun rack hanging in the back glass Buck knife on my belt, ain’t no land for sale ’round here Red clay country mud, sippin’ on a cold Bud Blue tick coon hound you know where I’m found out in the CHORUS Backwoods down in the holler Out in the backwoods, workin’ hard..


Justin Moore – Small Town USA

A Lot Of People Called It Prison When I Was Growin Up But These Are My Roots And This Is What I Love ‘Cause Everybody Knows Me And I Know Them And I Believe That’s The Way We Were Supposed To Live I Wouldn’t Trade One Single Day Here In Small Town USA Chorus Give..


Justin Moore – If Heaven Wasnt So Far Away

Every Day I Drive To Work Across Flint River Bridge A Hundred Yards From The Spot Where Me And Grandpa Fished There’s A Piece Of His Old Fruit Stand On The Side Of Sawmill Road He’d Be There Peeling Peaches If It Was Twenty Years Ago And What I Wouldn’t Give To Ride Around In..