Corey Smith – Cry, Cry, Cry

At last i found the way to free myself from you And all the heartaches that you left to make me blue I thought my world had ended when you said goodbye Till i found three ways to ease the pain, cry, cry, cry. I cry when i get lonely and sometimes when i’m blue […]


Dustin Lynch – American Prayer

It’s whispered from a tractor on a flat midwestern plain The fields are dry and dusty, there is no sign of rain It floats out a kitchen window, somewhere in the south If the river gets much higher, they’ll float away no doubt You can almost feel it in the air, an american prayer They’re […]


Billy Ray Cyrus – Somebody Said A Prayer

Just a single mom raisin up the kids Little tommy’s seven now and her daughter justine just turned ten Pinchin every cent laughin and lovin and content You would never think a couple years ago she almost let her job, Her kids, her mind, Her life go up in smoke right there on the edge […]