Buddy Jewell – Back To You

In a brief an’ open moment in an’ ol’ roadside cafe Just outside a-memphis in the dyin’ light of day My eyes must have betrayed me, ’cause it was you, i could have sworn And time came to a standstill as a brand new ghost was born Yeah, a brand new ghost was born How..


Chris Young – Voices

You could say i’m a little bit crazy You could call me insane Walkin’ ’round with all these whispers Runnin’ ’round here in my brain I just can’t help but hear ’em Man, i can’t avoid it I hear voices I hear voices like My dad sayin’ work that job But don’t work your life..


Amber Lynn Nicol – Fool For You

I’m The Fool Who Sits Around Feeling Sorry For Myself Only Girl That Misses You Prays To Stars What Else Can I Do? Ain’t Got Your Blue Jeans Ain’t Got Your House Key Is That Really Why You Called Me? (Chorus) I’m A Fool For You Tell Me Lies Tell Me You Need Me Too..


Sara Evans – You Ll Always Be My Baby

[There I Was 10 Years Old Waiting In My Room For Him To Come Home And I Just Knew He D Be So Mad Though I Begged My Mother Not To She Told My Dad There Was No Denying I Let Him Down But Instead Of Being Angry He Put His Arms Around Me And..


Jason Aldean – Hicktown

You Like The Way That Sounds? Little Jimmy Jackson Is Jackin’ Up His Bronco He’s Gonna Lay A Little Rubber Later On At The Truck Pull All The Girls Are Getting Pretty, Sprayin’ On The White Rain Yeah They’re Gonna Get A Rowdy Tonight Down At The Football Game Yeah Chorus: We Let It Rip..


The Uncle Bill Roach Band – Billy The Kid

William Bonney Was Just A Little Boy He Never Knew His Daddy,his Mama Died A Whore I Guess That’s Why He Did The Things He Did Guess That’s Why They Called Him Billy The Kid And His Mama Cried Billy,billy,just Twelve Years Old Wendy Cahill Slapped You ’round Then You Shot Him Cold An’he Cried..


Statler Brothers – The Ten Commandments

Moses led god’s children out To find the promised land And on the way he stopped each day And looked to heaven and. Asked god for help as he Could not withstand the task alone And then one day he looked away And thereby lay a stone. God said write upon this stone These words..