Brad Paisley – American Saturday Night

Woahhhhh woahhhhhhh Shes got brazilian leather boots on the pedal of her german car Listen to the beatles singing back in the ussr Yeah shes goin around the world tonight But she ain’t leavin here Shes just going to meet her boyfriend down at the street fair It’s a french kiss, italian ice Spanish moss..


Toby Keith – American Soldier

I’m Just Trying To Be A Father Raise A Daughter And A Son Be A Lover To Their Mother Everything To Everyone Up And At ’em, Bright And Early I’m All Business In My Suit Yeah, I’m Dressed For Success From My Head Down To My Boots I Don’t Do It For Money, There’s Still..


Lady Antebellum – American Honey

She Grew Up On A Side Of The Road Where The Church Bells Ring And Strong Love Grows She Grew Up Good She Grew Up Slow Like American Honey Steady As A Preacher Free As A Weed Couldn’t Wait To Get Goin’ But Wasn’t Quite Ready To Leave So Innocent, Pure And Sweet American Honey..


Gretchen Wilson – Blue Collar Done Turn Red

I still think about the way it was When you could still speak your mind Back when uncle sam put a gun in your hand And he laid it all on the line Well my grandaddy never did have any trouble With standin’ up for what he believed People today seem to be ashamed of..


Toby Keith – Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue (the Angry American)

American Girls And American Guys Will Always Stand Up And Salute Will Always Recognize When We See Ol’ Glory Flyin’ There’s A Lot Of Men Dead So We Can Sleep At Peace At Night When We Lay Down Our Heads My Daddy Served In The Army Where He Lost His Right Eye But He Flew..


Toby Keith – American Ride

Winter Gettin Colder, Summer Gettin Warmer. Tidal Wave Comin Cross The Mexican Border. Why Buy A Gallon, When Its Cheaper By The Barrel. Just Dont Be Busted Singin Christmas Carols. Thats Us, Thats Right Gotta Love This American Ride. Both Ends Of The Ozone Burnin. Funny How The World Keeps Turnin. Look Ma, No Hands…


Shedaisy – God Bless The American Housewife

Look at me i’m gorgeous in my housecoat with my coffee cup I bend to get the paper, every neighbors trying to check me out Look at me i’m lovely as i wait beside my minivan Look at how my diamonds seem to sparkle on the garbage can Chorus: God bless the american housewife How..