Chris Cagle – Wal-mart Parking Lot

I remember the summer i turned sixteen And that old jalopy daddy gave to me It had holes in the floor and just a 305 But i didn’t care ’cause i could finally drive There wasn’t much to do in my hometown So every weekend night we would all go down. Chorus: There were freaks..


Wynonna – My Strongest Weakness

The keeper of the gates of wisdom please let me in Cause i just can’t go through another heartache again Pretty lies and alibis – how could i be so blind Now i’m alone and scared to stand – slowly going out of my mind He was my strongest weakness i surrendered heart and soul..


Billy Ray Cyrus – Some Gave All

I Knew A Man Called Him Sandy Kane Few Folks Even Knew His Name But A Hero Was He Left A Boy, Came Back A Man Still Many Just Don’t Understand About The Reasons We Are Free I Can’t Forget The Look In His Eyes Or The Tears He Cries As He Said These Words..


Dolly Parton – Coat Of Many Colors

Back through the years i go wondering once again Back to the seasons of my youth I recall a box of rags that someone gave us And how my mamma put the rags to use. There were rags of many colors, and every piece was small And i didn’t have a coat and it was..


Anne Murray – You Needed Me

I cried a tear You wiped it dry I was confused You cleared my mind I sold my soul You bought it back for me And held me up And gave me dignity Somehow you needed me You gave me strength To stand alone again To face the world Out on my own again You..


The Uncle Bill Roach Band – Lovers River

On That River, My Grandfather Wed The Big Chief’s Lovely Daughter He Gave A Hundred Horses To Claim Her As His Bride They Raised A Mighty Family, The Pride Of All The Cherokee When He Died, She Lay Down By His Side Refrain: Tsunadagaya Uweyu, Where Silver Waters Flow Some Call It Lover’s River, Some..


Gretchen Wilson – Here For The Party

Well i’m an eight-ball shootin’ Double-fisted drinking, son of a gun I wear my jeans a little tight Just to watch the little boys come undone I’m here for the beer and the ball-busting band Gonna get a little crazy, just because i can [chorus] You know i’m here for the party And i ain’t..