Shania Twain – Don’t!

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Shania Twain - Don’t! (Official Music Video)

: Don't! Lyrics

Don’t! Don’t You Wish We’d Tried?
Do You Feel What I Feel Inside?
You Know Our Love Is Stronger Than Pride
No! Don’t Let Your Anger Grow
Just Tell Me What You Need Me To Know
Please Talk To Me — Don’t Close The Door

Cause’ I Wanna Hear You,
Wanna Be Near You

Don’t Fight! Don’t Argue You!
Give Me The Chance To Say That I’m Sorry
Just Let Me Love You
Don’t Turn Me Away — Don’t Tell Me To Go

Don’t! Don’t Give Up On Trust
Don’t Give Up On Me — On Us
If We Could Just Hold On Long Enough

We Can Do It!
We’ll Get Through It!

(repeat Chorus)

Don’t Pretend That It’s Okay
Things Won’t Get Better That Way
Don’t Do Something You Might Regret Someday

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