Ronnie Milsap – The Girl Who Waits On Tables

I watch her pickin’ up their tips off the tables And see them smile as she brings another round That dress she’s wearin’ shows she’s all woman And it reminds me i once had what they want now. That girl who waits on tables used to wait for me at home And she waited till..


Craig Morgan – This Ole Boy

She Got Her Smile On, Dog’on Nothing In The World’s Wrong Rolling Down A Country Road She’s My Shotgun Rider I’m The Lucky Dog Beside Her My Lips Are Where Her Kisses Go She Loves When We Go To The River And Get In The Water And Buddy She Is Hotter Than South Georgia In..


Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

I Remember When We Broke Up The First Time Seeing This Is It, I’ve Had Enough, ’cause Like We Haven’t Seen Each Other In A Month When You, Said You Needed Space, What? Then You Come Around Again And Say Baby, I Miss You And I Swear I’m Gonna Change Trust Me, Remember How That..


C.w. Mccall – Crispy Critters

Bill fries says that this is based on a true story From the late ’60s, when a band of hippies rolled into Telluride and decided to stay. One day about four or five years ago We is settin’ at the conoco station Kickin’ tires, and swattin’ flies, And discussin’ the state of the union When..


Tom T. Hall – Old Dogs, Children And Watermelon Wine

“how old do you think i am? ” he said. I said, well, i didn’t know. He said, “i turned 65 about 11 months ago.” I was sittin’ in miami pourin’ blended whiskey down When this old gray black gentleman was cleanin’ up the lounge There wasn’t anyone around ‘cept this old man and me..


Shawn Mullins – Home

The funniest girl i ever knew Had hair as orange as halloween The bluest eyes that saw right through All the bs and everything She was an artist from the start And she always sang from the bottom of her heart And though her road was so long She finally made her way back home..


Gary Allan – Get Off On The Pain

I Don’t Know Why I Love Women That Love To Do Me Wrong Don’t Know Why My Life Sounds Like A Heartbroke Country Song I Ain’t Really Happy Unless The Sky Starts Driving Rain Maybe I Just Get Off On The Pain My Whole Life I Been Picking Fights There Ain’t No Way To Win..