Aaron Tippin – My Blue Angel

Somewhere out there in the smoky air Where the night is neon blue Surrounded by strangers, she don’t know the dangers One drink could lead her to And if she falls, it’s all my fault For doin’ a good woman wrong I can’t be far behind her Oh, lord, help me find her Before my..


Taylor Swift – 22

It feels like a perfect night To dress up like hipsters And make fun of our exes, uh-uh, uh-uh It feels like a perfect night For breakfast at midnight To fall in love with strangers, uh-uh, uh-uh-yeah We’re happy free confused and lonely at the same time It’s miserable and magical oh yeah Tonight’s the..


The Osborne Brothers – Rocky Top

Wish that i was on old rocky top Down in the tennessee hills Ain’t no smoggy smoke on rocky top Ain’t no telephone bills. Once i had a girl on rocky top Half bear the other half cat Wild as a mink but sweet as soda pop I still dream about that. Rocky top you’ll..


Brett Eldredge – Time Well Spent

I’ve been racing, chasing, caught up in the grind Damn near going out of my mind And it’s getting old real fast I need a new time zone, zip code, point of view I sat by the window seat and too (don’t fly with me) A drunken run so crowded And here we are Strangers,..


Allison Moorer – Send Down An Angel

It’s nearly 3 a.m. And still no sight of him When it comes to love I’m in the dark Lord, i don’t understand Why i stand by my man All he’s ever done Is break my heart Won’t you send down an angel From the blue To show me the righteous Thing to do Oh,..