Collin Raye – That Was A River

I’ve seen that look before, Here comes that doubt again. You think that girl we saw, Was more than just a friend. Yes, there was a time I thought she had it all. She meant the world to me, Back when the world was small. That was a river, This is the ocean. That never..


Collin Raye – All I Can Be (is A Sweet Memory)

All i can be is a sweet memory That drifts through your mind time from time I can never be more than a knock on your door Just a shadow that’s gone with the sunshine For you know i’m not free And i never can be And your bound to get restless in time All..


Collin Raye – My Kind Of Girl

When i saw you buying cosmo and a hot rod magazine, I said to myself ‘now there’s a girl for me.’ And when i asked you to go for a ride, You stole my heart when you said, “if i can drive.” I said, “how ’bout some music?” You said, “you got any merle?” That’s..


Collin Raye – One Boy One Girl

He finally gave into his friend’s girlfriend when she said “there’s someone you should meet.” At a crowded restaurant way ‘cross town He waited impatiently She walked in, their eyes met, and they both stared And right there and then, everyone else disappeared But one boy, one girl Two hearts beating wildly To put it..


Collin Raye – Loving This Way (duet With Bobbie Eakes)

I’m tired of watching me hurt you I’m tired of being the teardrops on your face I’m tired of loving this way I’m tired of loving this way I know your every weakness I can find one in everything you say I’m tired of loving this way I’m tired of loving this way I’m not..


Collin Raye – On The Verge

Well they shouldn’t have played that good I got carried away and let the music go to my head Well she shouldn’t have worn that dress The way it curled around when she was spinning Just killed me dead My heart had began to tell my body and my soul, That it had gotten in..


Collin Raye – Not That Different

She said, “we’re much too different, We’re from two seperate worlds.” And he admitted she was partly right. But in his heart’s defense, he told her What they had in common was strong enough to bond them for life. He said, “look behind your own soul and the person that you’ll see Just might remind..