Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran – Everything Has Changed

(taylor) All i knew this morning when i woke, Is i know something now (know something now), I didn’t before. And all i’ve seen, Since 18 hours ago, Is green eyes and freckles and your smile In the back of my mind making me feel like… (taylor) I just want to know you better, Know..


Statler Brothers – Have A Little Faith

God told abraham To go to canaan land And start a brand new life And be a brand new man. He took his wife and nephew And did as he was told But it’s hard startin’ over At 75 years old. But god said abraham look For as far as you see All of that..


Buddy Jewell – I Can Get By

In a simple life dreams die hard You never let’em go All the while you play your hands And you may never know Why it’s always lady luck On someone else’s palm they read You holding my two hands Is really all i need I can get by if it all fell through Right down..


Shania Twain – Up!

It’s ’bout As Bad As It Could Be Seems Everybody’s Buggin’ Me Like Nothing Wants To Go My Way – Yeah, It Just Ain’t Been My Day Nothin’s Commin’ Easily Even My Skin Is Acting Weird I Wish That I Could Grow A Beard Then I Could Cover Up My Spots – Not Play Connect..


Amber Lynn Nicol – Beach Day

Baby Wake Up It’s Time To Head Down To The Sea I’ll Bring Weed If You Bring Beer Then We Won’t Need No Money Will We? Baby Come On Let’s Mark Our Spot And Settle Down I’ll Break Out The Sunscreen And Sugar You Can Rub It About (Chorus) I Really Wish Every Single Day..


Billy Currington – Love Done Gone

Don’t Worry, Baby, Sometimes Things Change Nothin’ We Can Do About It Now, No Way This Doesn’t Come Easy, But That’s Just Life We Can’t Keep Pretendin’ Everything’s Alright We Told Each Other It Was Love Before The Simple Truth Is It Just Ain’t No More The Bells Stop Ringin’, The Music Won’t Play The..


Alan Jackson – Gone Country

She’s Been Playing In A Room On A Strip For Ten Years In Vegas And Every Night She Looks In The Mirror But She Only Ages She’s Been Reading About Nashville And All The Records That Everybody’s Buying Says, “i’m A Simple Girl Myself Grew Up On Long Island” So She Packs Her Bags To..