Taylor Swift – Speak Now

I Am Not The Kind Of Girl Who Should Be Rudely Barging In On A White Veil Occasion But You Are Not The Kind Of Boy Who Should Be Marrying The Wrong Girl I Sneak In And See Your Friends And Her Snotty Little Family All Dressed In Pastel And She Is Yelling At A..


Billy Currington – Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right

A Woman Is A Mystery A Man Just Cant Understand Sometimes All It Takes To Please Her Is The Touch Of Your Hand N’ Other Times You Got To Take It Slow And Hold Her All Night Long Heaven Knows There’s So Many Ways A Man Can Go Wrong *chorus* Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right..


Carolyn Dawn Johnson – Complicated

I’m so scared that the way that i feel is written all over my face When you walk into the room i wanna find a hiding place. We used to laugh, we used to hug, the way that old friends do. But now a smile and the touch of your hand just makes me come..


Chris Ledoux – Life Is A Highway

Life’s like a road that you travel on One day here and the next day gone Sometimes you bend, sometimes you stand Sometimes you turn your back to the wind There’s a world outside every darkened door Where blues won’t haunt you anymore Where the brave are free and the lovers soar Come ride with..


Miranda Lambert – Kerosene

I’m Waitin’ On The Sun To Set Cause Yesterday Ain’t Over Yet I Started Smoking Cigarettes There’s Nothing Else To Do I Guess. Dusty Roads Ain’t Made For Walking Spinning Tires Ain’t Made For Stoppin’ I’m Giving Up On Love Cause Love’s Given Up On Me I Gave It Everything I Had And Everything I..


Dierks Bentley – The Woods

I Know A Little Place We Can Go Two Rights, A Left, Right Passed The Liquor Store There’s A Little Trail Only Me Might Know With Nothing But Top Cards In My Hand To Hold Is Where I Smoke My First Smoke Drank Beer From A Can Kissed The First Girl, Skipped School With My..


Sugarland – Love

Is It The Face Of A Child Is It The Thrill Of Danger Is It The Kindness We See In The Eyes Of A Stranger Is It More Than Faith Is It More Than Hope Is It Waiting For Us At The End Of Our Rope I Say, It’s Love I Say, It’s Love Is..