Collin Raye – I Want You Bad (and That Ain’t Good)

Baby please don’t get to close to me ’cause that ring you’re wearing says that you’re not free But if i said i didn’t want ya Well you know i’d be a liar You better run while there’s still time ’cause i can’t stop this fire I want you bad i can’t help myself But..


Burns & Poe – Don’t Get No Better Than That

Going eighty mile an hour in the left hand lane, Southbound headed down to key biscayne. She got money in her pocket and fun on the brain And her best friend’s riding shotgun. Radio blasting, everything’s fine, Pedal to the metal, making damn good time. Just crossed over that florida line. If there’s a problem..


Shedaisy – Lucky 4 You

You always said that i have multiple personalities I bounce around somewhere between my dreams and reality So where’d you dig up the odacity to ask me How we’ve all been doin since you broke our hearts? Well so far… Chorus: Number 5 just cries a river a minute 7 wants to tie you up..


Clint Black & Lisa Hartman Black – When I Said I Do

Clint black & lisa hartman black These times are trouble And these times are good There always gonna be They rise and they fall We take them all the way that we should Together you and me Forsaking them all Deep in the night And by the light of day It always looks the same..


Blaine Larsen – How Do You Get That Lonely

It was just another story printed on the second page Underneath the tiger’s football score It said he was only eighteen, a boy about my age They found him face down on his bedroom floor There’ll be services on friday at the lawrence funeral home Then out on mooresville highway, they’ll lay him ‘neath a..


Stealing Angels – He Better Be Dead

I’ve texted him twenty one times And still my phone don’t ring And my wild imagination son Is makin’ up scary things, Makin’ up scary things No one shares a kiss like that And then just doesn’t call Last night he promised me the world And now i’m gettin’ nothing at all! He better be..


Tim Mcgraw – It’s Your Love

Dancin’ in the dark, middle of the night Takin’ your heart and holdin’ it tight Emotional touch, touchin’ my skin And askin’ you to do What you’ve been doin’ all over again Oh, it’s a beautiful thing Don’t think i can keep it all in I just gotta let you know What it is that..