Eric Church – Two Pink Lines

She Was Pacin’ Back And Forth, On Her Front Porch I Pulled Up Slingin’ Gravel, In My Daddy’s Ford. She Cried All The Way, To Johnson’s Store I Kept The Motor Runnin’, And Parked By The Door. I Was Foolish And Wild, She Was Classic And Regal We Were Fresh Out Of School, Both Barely..


Eric Church – Love Your Love The Most

I Love Sleeping In On Saturdays And I Love College Football Games I Love Not Acting My Age And A Good Barbeque Yeah I’m A Fan Of Faulkner Books And Anything My Mama Cooks Small Mouth Bass Have Got Me Hooked On Sunday Afternoon Yes I Love Good Cold Beer And Mustard On My Fries..


Eric Church – Homeboy

You Were Too Bad For A Little Square Town, With Your Hip-hop Hat And Your Pants On The Ground, Heard You Cussed Out Mama, Pushed Daddy Around Before You Tore Off In His Car, Here You Are Running These Dirty Old Streets Tattoo On Your Neck, Fake Gold On Your Teeth Got The ‘hood Here..


Eric Church – Hell On The Heart

No If, And’s, But’s Or Maybe’s, So You Wanna Be Her Baby I Can Read Your Face Like A Book Yeah, It Looks Easy To Love Her But Believe Me Brother It’s Harder Than It Looks She’s As Pretty As A Picture Every Bit As Funny As She Is Smart Got A Smile That’ll Hold..


Eric Church – Springsteen

To This Day When I Hear That Song I See You Standin’ There All Night Long Discount Shades, Store Bought Tan Flip Flops And Cut-off Jeans Somewhere Between That Setting Sun I’m On Fire And Born To Run You Looked At Me And I Was Done And We’re, We’re Just Getting Started I Was Singin’..


Eric Church – Smoke A Little Smoke

Turn The Quiet Up, Turn The Noise Down Let This Ol’ World Just Spin Around I Wanna Feel It Swing, Wanna Feel It Sway And Put Some Feel Good In My Soul Drink A Little Drink, Smoke A Little Smoke Wanna Little More Right And A Little Less Left Little More Right Now, A Little..


Eric Church – Drink In My Hand

Early Monday Morning To Friday At Five, Man I Work Work Work But I Don’t Climb Climb Climb Boss Man Can Shove That Over Time Up His Can, All You Got To Do Is Put A Drink In My Hand Fill It Up Or Throw It Down, I Got A Forty Hour Week Worth Of..