Buddy Jewell – Abilene On Her Mind

She said her mind was made up, As she put on her makeup, said there was nothing there for her. She just packed up her suitcase, She walked right out that front gate, with her taxi waiting at the curb. Too many empty nights alone too late i finally realize, It’s a crying shame it […]


Buddy Jewell – You Know How Women Are

So long fellas, i gotta go Told her i wasn’t gonna be, but an hour or so I know she’s bound to worry, ’bout me and that old car It’s not that she don’t trust me, But you know how women are A few weeks back, they took my job The money’s tight, time’s are […]


Buddy Jewell – One In A Row

Am i dreaming or is that the morning sunlight shining in? I can’t believe it, I was so sure my world was coming to an end. I may never live to see the day your memory lets me go. But i made it through the night And that’s one in a row My heart’s still […]


Buddy Jewell – Dyess Arkansas

Would you believe this blacktop highway Used to be a one-lane gravel road? Back when johnny cash was just somebody Daddy went to school with years ago When the cottonwoods reached to the sky An’ honeysuckle vine grew all around My eyes well up with memories Every time i think about this little ol’ town […]


Buddy Jewell – You Ain’t Doin’ It Right

I was comin’ off of a heartache Addin’ up all my mistake you know how it is An’ i was beatin’ up myself up real good Over all those shoulda coulds but never dids An’ i could lose myself in myself pity But i done that an’ that ain’t pretty An’ somewhere in this mess […]


Buddy Jewell – I’d Run

I stood out on the trestle waitin’ for the whistle The 409 was right on time again Lord, i’d a-got a lickin’ if they caught me playin’ chicken But i was quite the practiced liar way back then I saw the smoke above the treetops And when the train came into view I stood still […]