Buddy Jewell – Help Pour Out The Rain (lacey’s Song)

La da da da de…… The moment was custom made to order I was riding with my daughter on our way back from monroe And like children do, she started playing twenty questions But i never would have guessed one could touch me to my soul She said daddy When we get to heaven can..


Buddy Jewell – So Gone

I heard that warnin’ whistle blowin’ I knew that train was comin’ fast The sound of the wheels was hypnotisin’ I could not move from it’s path I just stood there, glued to the tracks [chorus] It was a long time comin’ She was a heartbreak waitin’ to happen And i went right along It..


Buddy Jewell – Why We Said Goodbye

I remember sunday mornings walking on the beach And that place we’d stop for breakfast with the old red vinyl seats The hours of the tide chart The way the sunlight dance upon your face That antique roller coaster you just had to ride I remember how you laughed at the terror in my eyes..


Buddy Jewell – Today I Started Loving You Again

Today i started loving you again I’m right back where i’ve really always been I got over you just long enough to let my heartache mend Then today i started loving you again What a fool i was to think i could get by With only these few million tears i cried I should have..


Buddy Jewell – Glad I’m Gone

Time was, we couldn’t wait to feel each other’s touch Couldn’t stand to be apart too long or too much Now’s a different situation, funny how love can start to fade How fast it goes from boom to bust Well, if i had my choice We’d part as friends, but it ain’t up to me..


Buddy Jewell – Times Like These

He’s three-feet tall and four years old An’ still believes that i can do no wrong When i get home at five o’clock He’s waitin’ with that cowboys jersey on I laugh ’cause he’s just like his dad He’ll miss the ball an’ he’ll get mad Thinks when he grows up, he’ll catch ’em all..


Buddy Jewell – I Wanna Thank Everyone

I guess it started when i was a kid, If you said i couldn’t do it i did, Always had a stuborn streak, Put a wall in front of me, And i’ll find a way to get around it, There was a friend who said i’d never make the team, A lot of small town..