Bob Dylan – Cold Irons Bound

I’m beginning to hear voices and there’s no one around Well, i’m all used up and the fields have turned brown I went to church on sunday and she passed by My love for her is taking such a long time to die I’m waist deep, waist deep in the mist It’s almost like, almost..


Bob Dylan – Series Of Dreams

I was thinking of a series of dreams Where nothing comes up to the top. Everything stays down where it’s wounded And comes to a permanent stop. Wasn’t thinking of anything specific, Like in a dream, when someone wakes up and screams. Nothing truly very scientific, Just thinking of a series of dreams. Thinking of..


Bob Dylan – Dreamin’ Of You

How long can i stay In this nowhere cafe ‘fore night turns into day I wonder why i’m so frightened of dawn All i have and all i know Is this dream of you which keeps me living on There’s a moment when All old things become new again But that moment might have come..


Bob Dylan – Sweetheart Like You

Well, the pressure’s down, the boss ain’t here, He gone north for a while. They say that vanity got the best of him But he sure left here in style. By the way, that’s a cute hat, And that smile’s so hard to resist What’s a sweetheart like you doin’ in a dump like this?..


Bob Dylan – Not Dark Yet

Shadows are falling and i’ve been here all day It’s too hot to sleep time is running away Feel like my soul has turned into steel I’ve still got the scars that the sun didn’t heal There’s not even room enough to be anywhere It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there Well my sense..


Bob Dylan – Emotionally Yours

Come baby, find me, come baby, remind me of where i once begun. Come baby, show me, show me you know me, tell me you’re the one. I could be learning, you could be yearning to see behind closed doors. But i will always be emotionally yours. Come baby, rock me, come baby, lock me..


Bob Dylan – Tight Connection To My Heart

Well, i had to move fast And i couldn’t with you around my neck. I said i’d send for you and i did What did you expect? My hands are sweating And we haven’t even started yet. I’ll go along with the charade Until i can think my way out. I know it was all..