Aaron Tippin – The Wolves

Falling From High Places, Falling Through Lost Spaces, Now That We’re Lonely, Now That There’s Nowhere To Go Watching From Both Sides, These Clock Towers Burning Up, I Lost My Time Here, I Lost My Patience With It All We Lost Faith, In The Arms Of Love Where You Been Hiding Lately, Where You Been..


Aaron Tippin – Ready To Rock

Well, i’ve done it every way they say it oughta be done But if i can’t be me, well, it ain’t much fun So i bowed out, said, “i gotta go Gotta crank it on up, i got to free my soul” So it’s back to my roots an’ startin’ today I’m ready to rock..


Aaron Tippin – My Blue Angel

Somewhere out there in the smoky air Where the night is neon blue Surrounded by strangers, she don’t know the dangers One drink could lead her to And if she falls, it’s all my fault For doin’ a good woman wrong I can’t be far behind her Oh, lord, help me find her Before my..


Aaron Tippin – Honky Tonk Superman

Well, down at the factory, i’m never late I’m a mild mannered man who pulls his weight I give a hundred percent, i don’t ever stop ’til friday evening when i punch that clock Then i disappear until the weekend’s through And you’ll never guess who i turn into I’m a honky-tonk superman Ready or..


Aaron Tippin – Youve Got To Stand For Something

Now Daddy Didn’t Like Trouble, But If It Came Along Everyone That Knew Him Knew Which Side That He’d Be On He Never Was A Hero, Or This County’s Shinin’ Light But You Could Always Find Him Standing Up For What He Thought Was Right He’d Say You’ve Got To Stand For Something Or You’ll..


Aaron Tippin – One Voice

Verse 1 We’re Living In The 21st Century But We’re Still Fighting For Peace Wars, Hate Crimes And Terrorist Attacks It’s Making It Hard To Breathe We’re Investing In Weapons Of Mass Destruction When The Third World Is Hungry You And I Have The Power To Create A Future Without Violence And Poverty Get Informed,..


Aaron Tippin – That Mountain

There’s A Big Black Train I’ve Been Hearing All My Life Every Night, At Sundown I Hear Its Lonesome Cry When I Look Through The Screen Door I See A Rocking Chair My Mama’s Sitting In It Thinking ’bout That World Out There She Wants To Go Over That Mountain To See What’s On The..