Buddy Jewell – Glad I’m Gone

Time was, we couldn’t wait to feel each other’s touch Couldn’t stand to be apart too long or too much Now’s a different situation, funny how love can start to fade How fast it goes from boom to bust Well, if i had my choice We’d part as friends, but it ain’t up to me..


Buddy Jewell – Times Like These

He’s three-feet tall and four years old An’ still believes that i can do no wrong When i get home at five o’clock He’s waitin’ with that cowboys jersey on I laugh ’cause he’s just like his dad He’ll miss the ball an’ he’ll get mad Thinks when he grows up, he’ll catch ’em all..


Buddy Jewell – I Wanna Thank Everyone

I guess it started when i was a kid, If you said i couldn’t do it i did, Always had a stuborn streak, Put a wall in front of me, And i’ll find a way to get around it, There was a friend who said i’d never make the team, A lot of small town..


Buddy Jewell – Addicted To The Rain

Addicted to the rain Blue skies go away Don?t you waste my time ?cause i don?t have a place for you Inside this heart of mine You promise brighter days But never do come through Ever since she went away blue skies I?ve had no use for you But when i see the clouds come..


Buddy Jewell – Back To You

In a brief an’ open moment in an’ ol’ roadside cafe Just outside a-memphis in the dyin’ light of day My eyes must have betrayed me, ’cause it was you, i could have sworn And time came to a standstill as a brand new ghost was born Yeah, a brand new ghost was born How..


Buddy Jewell – If She Were Any Other Woman

If she were any other woman I wouldn’t be going home right now I’d stay out a little while longer Put another coat of paint on this town If she were any other woman I’d go home just to keep the peace But i’ve found she’s where i find it So that’s where i wanna..


Buddy Jewell – I Can Get By

In a simple life dreams die hard You never let’em go All the while you play your hands And you may never know Why it’s always lady luck On someone else’s palm they read You holding my two hands Is really all i need I can get by if it all fell through Right down..