Cyndi Thomson – I Always Liked That Best

Where do, i start? Lyin’ on a blanket underneath the stars With, your head on My chest I always liked that best I hate how, time flys I still think back sometimes ’bout Your lips on my neck I always liked that best That time we took a ride Ended up down by the riverside […]


Cyndi Thomson – There Goes The Boy

There goes the boy from santa fe Who lost his momma in the second grade Played romeo in his high school play He’s never been in an airplane There goes the boy who goes to town To people watch and just hang out He likes to sing in the car out loud With the windows […]


Steve Azar – What’s Wrong With Right Now

Walk away from the walls that you’ve been bangin? on Lay down your down and low and wake up the dawn Wish on your star and leave heartache alone Well, if you’re gonna do it you better get to it ?for it’s gone, long, long, gone Save a little light while the sun is shinin? […]


Steve Azar – Thunderbirld

Down a lonesome georgia highway Ridin’ on a mountain breeze You can feel that engine roarin’ You can hear them tires scream Thunderbird Legend has it, it was twilight Some thirty years ago They say mary’s momma begged her Please don’t ride in billy joe’s Thunderbird But the race was on that friday night Mary […]


Steve Azar – Goin’ To Beat The Devil (to See My Angel Tonight)

Flyin’ down a flat track, bottle in a brown sack Pistons pumpin’ in a poor boy’ s cadilac Cross the mississippi, crazy on the pale moonlight I’m goin’ to beat the devil To see my angel tonight…yeah Gotta go can’t stop smokin’ like a chimney top Heart’s on fire got me heated up real hot […]


Steve Azar – Damn The Money

Johnny gunn he’s a guitar player Makin’ next to nothin’ at a bar nowheres…he says Damn the money Damn the money Counts his tips, buys a shot of booze Grabs a lucky strike, lights another fuse… And says Damn the money Damn the money Well, he dreams about some place warm and sunny Livin’ in […]


Steve Azar – I Never Stopped Lovin’ You

One time I know last night, Things got a little out of hand. It seems with one slam of the door Our world came crashing in. And now you ask, Can we start over again? Tell me how can i start one more time? Where would i begin? Chorus I never stopped lovin’ you Even […]