Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn – Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man

Loretta lynn & conway twitty Hey, louisiana woman, mississippi man We get together every time we can. The mississippi river can keep us apart There’s too much love in the mississippi heart. Too much love in this louisiana heart. See the alligators all a waitin’ nearby Sooner or later they know i’m gonna try. When..


Taylor Swift – Picture To Burn

State The Obvious, I Didn’t Get My Perfect Fantasy I Realized You Love Yourself More That You Could Ever Love Me So Go And Tell Your Friends That I’m Obsessive And Crazy, That’s Fine I’ll Tell Mine You’re Gay And By The Way, I Hate That Stupid Old Pickup Truck, You Never Let Me Drive..


Adam Brand – That Changes Everything

Said i know a cray boat captain outa geraldton And i been thinkin’ i’d go down and work a spell Oh you never can tell It might suit me fine To spend some time out on the bay But then there’s always cowboy work up near monto I was thinking that it just might be..


Brad Paisley – Letter To Me

If i could write a letter to me and send it back in time to myself at 17 First i’d prove it’s me by saying look under your bed There’s a skoal can and a playboy no one else would know you hid And then i’d say i know it’s tough when you break up..


Danni Leigh – Honey I Do

Baby, Won’t You Come Back Home? I’m Tired Of Bein’ All Alone Just Sittin’ On A Barstool Actin’ Like A Sad Fool Ever Since You’ve Been Gone Do I Love You, Do I Miss You? Honey, I Do Do I Cry, Since You’ve Said Goodbye? Honey, I Do Honey, I Do, Honey, I Do I..


Vince Gill – When I Call Your Name

I Rushed Home From Work Like I Always Do. I Spent My Whole Day Just Thinking Of You. When I Walked Through The Front Door, My Whole Life Was Changed Cause Nobody Answered When I Called Your Name. A Note On The Table That Told Me Goodbye Said You’d Grown Weary Of Living A Lie…


Casey James – So Sweet

Used To Set My Life On Cruise Control Days Just Rollin’ On Thought I Was Doing All Right Alone Then I Saw Your Smile, And Then You Looked My Way And Everything Changed CHORUS: And I Don’t Know How I Got By How I Survived Life Living Without You Know Now What I Was Missin’..