Waylon Jennings – Amanda

I’ve held it all inward, God knows, I’ve tried, But it’s an awful awakening in a country boy’s life, To look in the mirror in total surprise. At the hair on my shoulders and the age in my eyes. Amanda, light of my life. Fate should have made you a gentleman’s wife. Amanda, light of..


C.w. Mccall – Flowers On The Wall

Well now i’ve been hearin’ you’re concerned about my happiness But all of that thought you’ve given me is Conscience i guess If i were walkin’ in your shoes i wouldn’t worry none So you and your friends don’t worry ’bout me i’m havin’ lots of fun Countin’ flowers on the wall That don’t bother..


Willie Nelson – It’s Not Supposed To Be That Way

It’s not supposed to be that way you’re supposed to know i love you But it don’t matter anyway if i can’t be there to control you Like the other little children you’re gonna dream a dream or two But be careful what you’re dreamin’ or soon your dreams’ll be dreamin’ you It’s not supposed..


Brenda Lee – Your Mama Don’t Dance

Your mama don’t dance And your daddy don’t rock and roll Your mama don’t dance And your daddy don’t rock and roll Evening comes round and ya gotta go to town, where ya go. I said the old folks say that ya gotta be in by ten, lawd! The old folks say that ya gotta..


Collin Raye – In This Life

For all i’ve been blessed with in this life There was an emptiness in me I was imprisoned by the power of gold With one honest touch, you set me free Let the world stop turning Let the sun stop burning Let them tell me love’s not worth going through If it all falls apart,..


Stealing Angels – If I Was So Bad

You said this pain was all my fault I had no shame or heart at all You cursed the hell i put you through Well pardon me for askin’ you, [chorus] If i was so bad Why do you want me back? Tell me that Why do you want me back? If i was so..


Shawn Mullins – Anchored In You (live)

I am in motion, i am blue Love is an ocean I’m anchored in you And i am a dreamer So you sent me away Sometimes we dreamers Just get in the way But i’ve always known Since i was a child That the road is my home And my spirit is wild And i..