Aaron Tippin – Restless

Honey, I Know You’ve Been Alone Some, Why Don’t You ‘phone Some, ’cause I Love You. An’ Honey, I Know I’ve Been Away Some, I’ve Had To Pay Some And You Have Too. But The One Thing I Know: That When I, I Turn Out The Light, Visions Of You, Dear, Dance In The Night…


Aaron Tippin – Let Me Touch You For Awhile

It’s Been A Long Time Coming, As You Shed A Lonesome Tear. And Now You’re In A Wonderama, I Wonder What You’re Doin’ Here. The Flame No Longer Flickers, You’re Feeling Just Like A Fool. You Keep Starin’ Into Your Liquor, Wonderin’ What To Do. I Don’t Hardly Know You, But I’d Be Willin’ To..


Aaron Tippin – Every Time You Say Goodbye

Look At The Sky Baby What Do You See? Looks Like The Tears That I Cry Fallin’ Down Like Rain On The Ground Every Time You Say Goodbye Take A Look Around Now Why Don’t You Feel The Way That Cold Wind Stings And Bites And Your Words Just Are Like Arrows Through My Heart..


Alan Jackson – A Woman’s Love

I Have Felt It And I Have Held It I Have Known A Woman’s Love And I Have Tasted And I Have Wasted A Woman’s Love And I Know I’ll Never Understand All The Little Things That Make It Grand A Woman’s Love And I Know I’ll Never Come Face To Face With Anything That..


Aaron Tippin – Wire

Keep It In My Pocket She Can’t Hold It Where She Lay She Don’t Need It Where She Plenty Of That Where It Could Pay I Sit There By The Counter Where I Sell That Things That Kill Propped Up By Dollar Bills Behind This Rusty Till I’m Tired Of Walking This Wire It Keeps..


Alan Jackson – It’s Alright To Be A Redneck

Ba Ba Bom, Ba Ba Bom, Ba Ba Bom, Ba Bom Ba Bom, Bom Ba Ba Bom, Ba Ba Bom, Ba Ba Bom, Ba Bom, Bom. It’s Alright To Be A Redneck It’s Alright To Ride Around In A Dirty Ol’ Truck Catch A Bunch Of Fish And Shoot A Bunch Of Duck It’s Alright..


Alan Jackson – Gone Country

She’s Been Playing In A Room On A Strip For Ten Years In Vegas And Every Night She Looks In The Mirror But She Only Ages She’s Been Reading About Nashville And All The Records That Everybody’s Buying Says, “i’m A Simple Girl Myself Grew Up On Long Island” So She Packs Her Bags To..