Old Dominion – Song For Another Time

Right now we both know We’re marina del rey, Plane’s gonna fly away And you’ll be on it And by this time tomorrow I’ll be singing yesterday The sunshine’s gonna fade And we can’t stop it So before we turn in, i can’t make you love me Let’s be brown eyed girl, sweet caroline, Free..


Casey James – Drive

I Don’t Care If It’s A Highway Or A Dirty County Road I Don’t Care If I’m Leaving Or Coming Home I Don’t Know If It’s The Song On That Too Loud Radio I Don’t Know If It’s The Smell Of That Burning Smoke Here I Go Headed Out To Nowhere Like A Bullet From..


C.w. Mccall – Four Wheel Drive

Four wheel drive by c.w. mccall We is screamin’ through the valley Where the nishnabotna flows Through the mud and crud and cornfields Where the mari-ju-wana grows ‘cross the railroad tracks of persia Down the hills and up the dale Had a cj-5 with a four-wheel drive And smokey on my tail. Well, he picked..


Alabama – Touch Me When We’re Dancing

Play Us A Song We Can Slow Dance On We Want To Hold Each Other. Play Us A Groove So We Hardly Move Just Let Our Hearts Be Together. Oh Baby, ’cause It Feels So Good When We’re Close Like This. Whisper In My Ear And Let Me Steal The Tears. Come On And Touch..


Deana Carter – We Danced Anyway

The summer air was heavy and sweet You and i on a crowded street There was music everywhere, i can see us there In a happy little foreign town Where the stars hung upside down A half a world away, far, far away I remember you were laughing We were so in love, we were..


Craig Morgan – This Aint Nothin

He Was Standing In The Rubble Of An Old Farmhouse Outside Birmingham When Some On The Scene Reporter Stuck A Camera In The Face Of That Old Man He Said “tell The Folks Please Mister, What Are You Gonna Do Now That This Twister Has Taken All That’s Dear To You?” The Old Man Just..


Brooks & Dunn – Play Something Country

Yes, she blew through the door like tnt Put her hand on her hip, pointed a finger at me Said, ”i’m a whiskey drinkin’, cowboy chasin’, helluva time I like kenny, keith, allan and patsy cline I’m a full grown queen bee lookin’ for honey Ha-ooh-hoo, aw, play somethin’ country.” Yeah, the band took a..