Aaron Tippin – One Voice

Verse 1 We’re Living In The 21st Century But We’re Still Fighting For Peace Wars, Hate Crimes And Terrorist Attacks It’s Making It Hard To Breathe We’re Investing In Weapons Of Mass Destruction When The Third World Is Hungry You And I Have The Power To Create A Future Without Violence And Poverty Get Informed,..


Billy Currington – Don’t

Don’t You Hate Hearing That Clock On The Wall Chimmin’, Sayin’ It’s Time, And, Don’t You Just Wish We Could Stay Right Here Together, All Day Long, You Know It Wouldn’t Be A Crime If We, Crawled Back Into Bed, Got As Close As We Could Get, Tried To Figure Out Where This Thing Is..


Billy Currington – Love Done Gone

Don’t Worry, Baby, Sometimes Things Change Nothin’ We Can Do About It Now, No Way This Doesn’t Come Easy, But That’s Just Life We Can’t Keep Pretendin’ Everything’s Alright We Told Each Other It Was Love Before The Simple Truth Is It Just Ain’t No More The Bells Stop Ringin’, The Music Won’t Play The..


Aaron Tippin – That Mountain

There’s A Big Black Train I’ve Been Hearing All My Life Every Night, At Sundown I Hear Its Lonesome Cry When I Look Through The Screen Door I See A Rocking Chair My Mama’s Sitting In It Thinking ’bout That World Out There She Wants To Go Over That Mountain To See What’s On The..


Aaron Tippin – Cold Outside

C’mon, Get On It That’s It, Baby, Now Kick It In Baby, It’s Cold Outside Out Here In The Rain Sure Looks Warm Inside Through The Window Pane I Been Knockin’ On Your Front Door I Been Waitin’ All Night An’ You Know What For It’s Cold Outside, Let Me Come On In What’s That..


Aaron Tippin – Keep Your Head Up

I Spent My Time Watchin’ The Spaces That Have Grown Between Us. And I Cut My Mind On Second Best Or The Scars That Come With The Greeness. And I Gave My Eyes To The Boredom, Still The Seabed Wouldn’t Let Me In, And I Tried My Best To Embrace The Darkness In Which I..


Aaron Tippin – Look It Up

The Word Is Faithful, Look It Up It Don’t Mean (dm) Sneakin’ Around Behind My Back Like You Ain’t Gettin’ (am) Enough How ’bout Forever, Just Look It Up It Means Through (dm) Thick And Thin And Pitchin’ In Even When The Times Get (am) Tough The Word Is Easy, Look It Up And You’ll..