Shedaisy – In Terms Of Love

Now and then i confess you cross my mind Now and then i guess i had a little too much time I’ve changed my way of thinking I’ve tried hard to separate What came too soon from what came too late I don’t think about me in terms of you I don’t think about you..


Chris Janson – ’til A Woman Comes Along

Yeah boys ride bikes And learn to drive them Old step sides In grandpa’s drive Pop the clutch smell The rubber burn And it’s on Then it’s shooting cans With no game plan And playing air guitar in a Rock and roll band Then it’s fake id’s and Chasing girls all night long Yeah til’..


Chris Young – Voices

You could say i’m a little bit crazy You could call me insane Walkin’ ’round with all these whispers Runnin’ ’round here in my brain I just can’t help but hear ’em Man, i can’t avoid it I hear voices I hear voices like My dad sayin’ work that job But don’t work your life..


Chris Cagle – Wal-mart Parking Lot

I remember the summer i turned sixteen And that old jalopy daddy gave to me It had holes in the floor and just a 305 But i didn’t care ’cause i could finally drive There wasn’t much to do in my hometown So every weekend night we would all go down. Chorus: There were freaks..


Shelby Lynne – Your Lies

Your lies won’t leave me alone You used to say you loved me did ya Why’d you do me this way It didn’t have to be that way I got your message on the phone I hung on every single line You told me what we had was only business Hurt me so bad i..


Martina Mcbride – Teenage Daughters

I ain’t complainin’ But i’m tired, so i’m just sayin’ What i think And if we’re being honest Than honestly i think i need a drink My baby’s growin’ up She think’s she’s fallin’ all in love And that i hate her At seventeen, she’s just like me when i was seventeen So i don’t..


Martina Mcbride – My Baby Loves Me

Don’t need no copy of vogue magazine Don’t need to dress like no beauty queen High heels or sneakers he don’t give a damn My baby loves me just the way that i am My baby loves me just the way that i am He never tells me i’m not good enough Just give me..