Bart Crow Band – Understand

You And I Always Had The Dreams Of Going Away Never Thought Anybody Listened To A Word We’d Say Now Everybody’s Fighting Cuz They Wanna Know Your Name We Just Laugh And Tell Them Its Always Been The Same Cuz Nobody Knows Your Heart They See You Around Town, Think Your Whole Worlds Falling Apart..


Bart Crow Band – Sweet Imitations

I’m Tired Of All These Sweet Imitations, The Ones From This Lovin’ Here And A Lie. Someone Who’s Waiting To Love Me, Yeah She’s Loving A Damn Fool Such As I. This Bar Room Has Become My Prison, And The Barstool Feels Likes A Cold Prison Cell. It Started Here With You, And A Look..


Bart Crow Band – Tami

I Got My First Papers Today, Maybe Seven, Seven Years To Late. ‘Cause 18 Hours That Watched Us Fall, And One Of Us Can’t Sit Here And Say We Gave Our All. (Chorus) ‘Cause I Went Insane, I Cracked The Walls, And Let You Down, And I Made You Feel So Small, But You Really..


Casey James – Hold On

Time Is Slow, Fog Is Rising Sky Is Broken Far As I Can See I Can See Through The Darkness Stars Are Shining. There’s A Voice That Carries Me Sayin’ Hold On Hold On. It’ll Turn Before Too Long. When It Feels Just Like All Hope Is Gone Don’t Give Up, Baby Hold On. Heartbreak..


Casey James – Show Me A Bridge

Two Weeks In Here I Am Still Right Here Usually Be Two, Three Days Gone Girl I Try To Do What’s Right My Biggest Fear Is Like Always I’d Just Wind Up Going Wrong Show Me A Bridge, I’ll Show You A Fire I’m Bound To Burn Us Both With My Selfish Desires Girl My..


Casey James – Shes Money

You Can Take Everything That I Own You Can Take Everything That I’ve Ever Known You Can Clean Out The Bank Burn It All Up In Flames Take It All And Run, I’ll Be Okay ‘Cause I Don’t Need A Thing ‘Cause She’s Money Well She’s Silver And Gold Pure Honey So Good For My..


Lady Antebellum – Somewhere Love Remains

Here We Go Again Sitting On The Edge Of Leaving You Don’t Have To Speak I Can See It In Your Eyes I Know You Too Well You Know I Can Tell Your Hiding Something Inside Baby Just Breathe In Breathe Out Before You Turn Around Just Slow Down Think Of All The Love We’ve..