Shania Twain – Any Man Of Mine

This Is What A Woman Wants… Any Man Of Mine Better Be Proud Of Me Even When I’m Ugly He Still Better Love Me And I Can Be Late For A Date Thats Fine But He Better Be On Time Any Man Of Mine’ll Say It Fits Just Right When Last Years Dress Is Just..


Charley Pride – Is Anybody Goin’ To San Antone

Rain dripping off the brim of my hat It sure is cold today And here i am’a walking down sixty-six Wish she hadn’t done me that way Sleeping under a table at a road side park A man could wake up dead But it sure seems warmer than it did Sleepin in our king size..


Connie Smith – Satisfied

I’ve got that old time religion, got that old time religion At his side i’m satisfied. You ask me if i’m happy, if i have peace within If i’m worried ’bout tomorrow when i reach my journey’s end Well, i’m satisfied with my jesus when he knocks i let him in He’ll go with me..


Shawn Mullins – Lullaby (live)

Lay your weary head down Dry those tired eyes Lay you weary head down And rock-a-bye She grew up with The children of the stars In the hollywood hills and the boulevard Her parents threw big parties Everyone was there They hung out with folks like Dennis hopper, bob seger, sonny and cher Now, she..


Canaan Smith – We Got Us

Here we are making all our big plans Jumping, way into the deep end Hey girl why we don’t just leave tonight Pack it up, drive until the road ends It feels like this can be the moment We’ve been waiting on all our lives We know we’re ready It may sound crazy Cause we..


Connie Smith – Foolin’ Around

I know that you’ve been foolin’ ’round on me right from the start So i’ll take back my ring and i’ll take back my heart And when you’re tired of foolin’ ’round with 2-0-3 Then come on home and fool around with me. Well, i wasn’t foolin’ ’round the day i said i’d do But..


Ronnie Milsap – What A Difference You’ve Made In My Life

What a difference you’ve made in my life. What a difference you’ve made in my life You’re my sunshine day and night Oh, what a difference you’ve made in my life. What a change you have made in my heart What a change you have made in my heart You replaced all the broken parts..