Carrie Underwood – Just A Dream

It Was Two Weeks After The Day She Turned 18 All Dressed In White Going To The Church That Night She Had His Box Of Letters In The Passenger Seat A Six Pence In Her Shoe Something Borrowed, Something Blue And When The Church Doors Opened Up Wide She Put Her Veil Down Trying To..


Statler Brothers – The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand

Jesus walked that lonesome road to preach the gospel news But someone walked ahead to pave the way One who felt he wasn’t fit to carry jesus shoes A wooley man adorned in disarray. A man who got his feet wet for the glory of the lord John the baptist was a chosen man His..


Tim Mcgraw – It Doesn’t Get Any Countrier Than This

Now mamma i know you’ve always wished me the best, And i’ve found somebody and i think she’s gunna pass the test. She’s a country girl as far as i can see, Mamma i hope she’s what you had in mind for me. She likes to go skinny dipping in the heat of the day,..


Daryle Singletary – I Let Her Lie

She’d come home, 6 am. Tells me she’d been out with friends. And i let her lie, I let her lie. And in the glare of the morning sun, She swore i was her only one, And i let her lie, I let her lie. Cause the truth was too hard to handle, And i..


Corey Smith – Crumbs From The Table

Lord. bless your children who walk in perfection Who’ll manage to master your will Give them their share of sweet milk and wild honey Provide bread of life till they’re filled. Feed the children but give me the crumbs from the table I’ll wait for them down on my knees I’d be ever so grateful..


Blackhawk – I’m Not Strong Enough To Say No

The sign says do not touch. you’re out of bounds. You’re forbidden fruit, don’t come around. It says don’t make plans, ’cause on your hand Is a promise made to another man. ’cause when you’re around, my defences go down. Feelin’s get stronger, looks get longer. The closer you come, the weaker i get. If..


Alison Krauss – Restless

Honey, i know you’ve been alone some Why don’t you phone some? ’cause i love you And honey, i know i’ve been away some I’ve had to pay some and you have too But the one thing i know That when i, i turn out the light Visions of you, dear Dance in the night..