Maren Morris – All That It Takes

It’s funny how the way You make me feel Boy when you’re near me I know that it’s real You make me feel warm You make me feel safe Lyin’ here with you It’s all that it takes, yeah It’s all that it takes, yeah I’ve never felt like this before Not sure on too..


Aaron Tippin – Warm And Fuzzy

Sleigh Bells Ringing Choirs Singing, Wondering What Ole Santa’s Bringing It’s The Warm And Fuzzy Time Of Year Snowflakes Fall The Temp Is Dropping Families Out Together Shopping It’s The Warm And Fuzzy Time Of Year Elves Are Working Over Time Making All Our Toys Reindeer Hooves On All The Roofs Of Good Little Girls..


Cyndi Thomson – What I Really Meant To Say

It took me by surprise When i saw you standing there Close enough to touch Breathing the same air You asked me how i’d been I guess that’s when i smiled and said, just fine Oh, but baby i was lying What i really meant to say Is i’m dying here inside And i miss..


Sugarland – Something More

Monday, Hard To Wake Up Fill My Coffee Cup, I’m Out The Door Yeah The Freeway, Standing Still Today Is Gonna Make Me Late, And That’s For Sure I’m Running Out Of Gas And Out Of Time Never Gonna Make It There By Nine There’s Gotta Be Something More Gotta Be More Than This I..


Charly Mcclain – Who’s Cheatin’ Who

C: i read the headlines, i see the hard times I wonder if we’ll survive But i know there’s no worries With just one look in your eyes. W: i work 40 hours to bring home a dollar At times it barely keeps us alive But i know there’s no worries With just one look..


Carrie Underwood – Just A Dream

It Was Two Weeks After The Day She Turned 18 All Dressed In White Going To The Church That Night She Had His Box Of Letters In The Passenger Seat A Six Pence In Her Shoe Something Borrowed, Something Blue And When The Church Doors Opened Up Wide She Put Her Veil Down Trying To..


Statler Brothers – The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand

Jesus walked that lonesome road to preach the gospel news But someone walked ahead to pave the way One who felt he wasn’t fit to carry jesus shoes A wooley man adorned in disarray. A man who got his feet wet for the glory of the lord John the baptist was a chosen man His..