Billy Currington – People Are Crazy

This Old Man And Me, Were At The Bar And We Were Having Us Some Beers And Swappin’ I Dont Cares Talking Politics, Blonde And Redhead Chicks Old Dogs And New Tricks, And Habits We Aint Kicked We Talked About Gods Grace, And All The Hell We Raised Then I Heard The Ol’ Man Say..


Steel Magnolia – Just By Being You

Let’s run away, where nothing stands between me and you Let’s find a place, somewhere a little closer to the truth And call it a home, where there’s no right and there’s no wrong And we can be all alone And i’ll take off my halo, if you take off your wings You don’t have..


Shania Twain – What Made You Say That

Maybe Tonight I’m Gonna Tell Him How I Feel Maybe I’ll Leave Well Enough Alone Maybe, Just Maybe, He’ll Want To Be My Baby What If He’s Got Plans Of His Own? I’m Waiting For The Perfect Moment Looking For The Perfect Phrase The One I Finally Choose Is Simply “i Love You” As The..


Casey James – I Lied

I Don’t Know What I Just Said But Don’t Get The Wrong Idea I Hear Wheels Spinning In Your Head Now Don’t Believe Everything You Hear Just Stand There Let Me Explain Cause If I Said I Loved You, I Lied Cause Love’s Just A Word And It Can’t Describe All These Feelings Of There’s..


Sierra Noble – Try Anything

I stood at the edge and just dreamed Of breaking away from all that i’ve been Is this world all that it seems There’s so much that i need to show And now that you’re here I’m ready to go Cause i’ll try anything Anything new And i’ll go anywhere I know we’ll make it..


Josh Turner – All Over Me

Well The Weather Man Says It’s Gonna Be A Hot One Heard It On The Radio Load Up The Boat Get Your Girl If You Got One Nice Little Breeze Gonna Blow Baby I’m On My Way To Come And Getcha Meet Me At The End Of Your Drive Grab Your Shades And Your String..


Brad Paisley – Hard Life

Stop starin’ at me Leave the sad looks at home Everybody feels bad, And you don’t understand, It’s not like i’m alone ’cause everyone has battles to fight And i don’t need your sympathy tonight Yeah, it’s a hard life But i’m okay If i didn’t have this, i wouldn’t be who i am today..