Bob Dylan – Tangled Up In Blue

Early one morning the sun was shining. I was laying in bed Wondering if she’d changed it all. If her hair was still red. Her folks, they said, our lives together Sure was gonna be rough. They never did like mama’s homemade dress. Papa’s bankbook wasn’t big enough And i was standing on the side..


Brooks & Dunn – Little Miss Honky Tonk

I get out on the redneck side every now and then Call up my baby she comes over and the party begins Yeah she’s a slick nickel, she’s right on the money I wouldn’t give her up for a thousand buckle bunnies I’m her big cat daddy she’s my little miss honky tonk She’s got..


Stealing Angels – If I Had A Ladder

We never even knew what we were building But we knew when it was done We made these bricks and we laid them one by one Now look at what we’ve created Out of heartache, silence and tears Something this high wasn’t built in a night, It takes years [chorus] If i had a ladder..


Chris Knight – It Aint Easy Being Me

There ought to be a town somewhere Named for how i feel Yeah i could be the mayor down there And say ‘welcome to sorryville’ It wouldn’t be on a map no where You might say that it don’t exist But if you make enough wrong turns It’da be hard to miss There ought to..


Casey James – Never Walk Away

I Had A Dream That I Woke To Find You Were Flying Along Through The Friendly Skies Traveling Far To A Warmer Place Trying To Change The Life We Made Swimming Alone In A Sea Of Blue Letting The Tide Bring You To The Moon Whether By Boat Or Whether By Train I Know That..


Brad Paisley – When I Get Where Im Going

When I Get Where I’m Going On The Far Side Of The Sky The First Thing That I’m Gonna Do Is Spread My Wings And Fly. I’m Gonna Land Beside A Lion And Run My Fingers Through His Mane Or I Might Find Out What It’s Like To Ride A Drop Of Rain. Chorus: Yeah,..


Taylor Swift – Change

And It’s A Sad Picture, The Final Blow Hits You Somebody Else Gets What You Wanted Again You Know It’s All The Same, Another Time And Place Repeating History And You’re Getting Sick Of It But I Believe In Whatever You Do And I’ll Do Anything To See It Through Because These Things Will Change..