Aaron Tippin – Keep Your Head Up

I Spent My Time Watchin’ The Spaces That Have Grown Between Us. And I Cut My Mind On Second Best Or The Scars That Come With The Greeness. And I Gave My Eyes To The Boredom, Still The Seabed Wouldn’t Let Me In, And I Tried My Best To Embrace The Darkness In Which I..


Aaron Tippin – Look It Up

The Word Is Faithful, Look It Up It Don’t Mean (dm) Sneakin’ Around Behind My Back Like You Ain’t Gettin’ (am) Enough How ’bout Forever, Just Look It Up It Means Through (dm) Thick And Thin And Pitchin’ In Even When The Times Get (am) Tough The Word Is Easy, Look It Up And You’ll..


Aaron Tippin – Tumbling Down

What Happened To The World We Painted The Masterpiece Of Me And You Our Work Of Art Has All But Faded Nothing’s Here Except The Blues Love’s Crumbling, Love’s Tumbling Down Love’s Crumbling, Love’s Tumbling Down It Was A Stroke Of Genius Yeah Just As Pretty As You Please But All That’s Left Between Us..


Aaron Tippin – Set You Free

I Found Your Bag This Morning Did You Pack It By Yourself If You Would’ve Asked Me I’d Have Given You Some Help I Hate To Disappoint You But I Had A Hunch You Would Soon Be Leaving So I Beat You To The Punch I’ll Tell You A Secret, Baby, I Let Go First..


Aaron Tippin – Restless

Honey, I Know You’ve Been Alone Some, Why Don’t You ‘phone Some, ’cause I Love You. An’ Honey, I Know I’ve Been Away Some, I’ve Had To Pay Some And You Have Too. But The One Thing I Know: That When I, I Turn Out The Light, Visions Of You, Dear, Dance In The Night…


Aaron Tippin – Let Me Touch You For Awhile

It’s Been A Long Time Coming, As You Shed A Lonesome Tear. And Now You’re In A Wonderama, I Wonder What You’re Doin’ Here. The Flame No Longer Flickers, You’re Feeling Just Like A Fool. You Keep Starin’ Into Your Liquor, Wonderin’ What To Do. I Don’t Hardly Know You, But I’d Be Willin’ To..


Aaron Tippin – Every Time You Say Goodbye

Look At The Sky Baby What Do You See? Looks Like The Tears That I Cry Fallin’ Down Like Rain On The Ground Every Time You Say Goodbye Take A Look Around Now Why Don’t You Feel The Way That Cold Wind Stings And Bites And Your Words Just Are Like Arrows Through My Heart..