Bob Dylan – Tight Connection To My Heart

Well, i had to move fast And i couldn’t with you around my neck. I said i’d send for you and i did What did you expect? My hands are sweating And we haven’t even started yet. I’ll go along with the charade Until i can think my way out. I know it was all..


Brett Eldredge – Don’t Ya

Girl, you cut those jeans just right I know you didn’t buy ’em like that So baby don’t even try that You dance, oh you move Like there ain’t nobody watchin’ But girl you know i’m watchin’ Don’t lie, you got it all figured out That smile has got me spinnin’ around Don’t even try..


Taylor Swift – Mine

You were in college working part time, waiting tables Left a small town, never looked back I was a flight risk with a fear of falling Wondering why we bother with love if it never lasts I say, “Can you believe it?” As we’re lying on the couch The moment I could see it Yes,..


Alan Jackson – When Somebody Loves You

When Your Heart Is All Alone Every Second Seems So Long When It’s Just You, You Can’t See Through Those Ol’ Clouds That Rain So Blue. But When Somebody Loves You There’s Nothing You Can’t Do When Somebody Loves You It’s Easy To Get Through When Somebody Loves You The Way I Love You. When..


Taylor Swift – Safe And Sound

I Remember Tears Streaming Down Your Face, When I Said I’ll Never Let You Go. When All Those Shadows Almost Killed Your Light, I Remember, You Said “Don’t Leave Me Here Alone..” But All That’s Dead And Gone And Past, Tonight; Just Close Your Eyes, The Sun Is Going Down. You’ll Be Alright, No One..


Faith Hill – A Baby Changes Everything

Teenage Girl, Much Too Young Unprepared For What’s To Come A Baby Changes Everything Not A Ring On Her Hand All Her Dreams And All Her Plans A Baby Changes Everything [x2] The Man She Loves She’s Never Touched How Will She Keep His Trust A Baby Changes Everything [x2] And She Cries, Oh She..


Cary Ann Hearst – Build Around Your Heart A Wall

In A Vacant Old Park I Watched From The Dark The Old Church Was On Fire I Buried My Lighter So No One Could Tell I Was Runnin God Forgive Me But He Had It Comin She Was Barely Fifteen Midwest Town Sleepy Scene I Was Two Grades Above Her Completely In Love With Her..