Shooter Jennings – Walk Of Life

Here comes johnny singin’ oldies, goldies Be-bop-a-lua, baby, what i say Here comes johnny singin’ i gotta woman Down in the tunnel, tryin’ to make it pay He got the action, he got the motion Yeah, the boy can play Dedication, devotion Turnin’ on the night time into the day He do the song about […]


Carolyn Dawn Johnson – I Don’t Want You To Go

Monday morning is such a rush, uh-uh uh yeah Here it is again sneaking up on us, uh-uh uh yeah This is the part you know i don’t like We say goodbye and then we kiss goodnight, uh-uh uh yeah I know it’s one o’clock and you said you would be gone by ten So […]


Toby Keith – You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This

I Got A Funny Feeling The Moment That Your Lips Touched Mine Something Shot Right Through Me My Heart Skipped A Beat In Time There’s A Different Feel About You Tonight It’s Got Me Thinkin’ Lots Of Crazy Things I Even Think I Saw A Flash Of Light It Felt Like Electricity You Shouldn’t Kiss […]


Deana Carter – You Still Shake Me

I ain’t in love, i ain’t your bud I ain’t your little turtle dove I ain’t your chick, i ain’t your squeeze I ain’t the girl i used to be But baby, you still shake me I ain’t upset, i ain’t a wreck Cause i forgive and i forget And i ain’t bitter, i ain’t […]


Corey Smith – Fool No. 1

Now i guess that i’m the biggest fool of all. Am i fool no. 1 or am i fool no. 2 How many other girls have been fooled by you I suppose that the number is far from being small And i’ll bet that i’m the biggest fool of all. If i had the chance […]


Dan Seals – Love On Arrival

I just had to call, cause babe I got your letter And I understood almost every line You said T. L. C. is what you miss from me You want back in my arms P.D.Q. And ooh I love this game Them three letters by your name L.O.A. what does that say? * She said […]


Billy Ray Cyrus – Words By Heart

I went through the closet back in my old home Found a letterman’s jacket so i slipped it on Deep in the pocket still folded up tight Was the letter you wrote to tell me goodbye The minute i saw it i just had to smile It smelled like old leather as smooth as a […]