Chalee Tennison – Easy Lovin’ You

The best thing that i ever did At the time was my worst mistake Seventeen and just a kid I was seventeen when i threw my childhood away for a hazel eyed quarter back Senior year and eight months pregnant I’ve never felt so fat Wishin’ i could go to prom But they don’t make..


Dierks Bentley – Thinking Of You

When I’m All Alone Or In A Crowd In A Quiet Place Or Where Music’s Loud If I’m On The Road, Or In The Other Room That’s How You Know, I’m Thinkin’ Of You When The Flowers Bloom, When The Leaves Turn Brown When The Sun Is Hot, When The Snow Falls Down, Down When..


Ronnie Milsap – I’m Playing For You

The show is over, the footlights are dim The roar of the crowd is faded again It’s just me and my eighty-eight ivory friend Playing for you. Maybe you’ve heard me on the radio Maybe he was with you and holding you close I can’t help but wonder if somehow you know I’m playing for..


Toby Keith – Dream Walkin’

She Left A Yellow Rose And A Long Neck Bottle On A Table Beside My Bed With A Short Little Note That Said I Had A Good Time It Was Written In Lipstick Red She Didn’t Sign Her Name I Wonder If That A Little Secret That She Keeps Ohh… She’s Walkin’ Around In My..


Dustin Lynch – Your Plan

Hello, it’s been too long My fault i haven’t called Thank you for picking up the phone I’ve been swimming around Trying hard not to drown Waiting on my life calling to sound And i’m hangin’ on best as i can Cause i know this whole crazy ride’s in your hands It’s your plan This..


Buddy Jewell – Sweet Southern Comfort

Misty sunrise in my hometown Rows of cotton about knee high Mrs. baker down the dirt road still got clothes out on the line Erwin nichols there with **judge lee** playin checkers at the gin When i dream about the southland this is where it all begins Chorus From carolina down to georgia Smell the..


Ronnie Milsap – My Heart

I’ll take a long vacation I need a change of scenery I’ll see the sights, go out at night There’ll be no time for your memory I’ll get a new apartment Make friends that don’t know who you are ’cause when i’m through, i’m really through If i can just convince my heart Oh, but..