C.w. Mccall – Aurora Borealis

One night last summer we were camped at ten thousand Feet up where the air is clear, High in the rockies of lost lake, Colorado. and as the fire burned low and only a few Glowing embers remained, we laid on our backs all warm In our sleeping bags and looked up at the stars…


Jimmy Driftwood – Where Is The River Gone

I Used To Live By An Untamed River In The Spot Where Life Was A Beautiful Dream A Gift To Man By The Almighty Giver But Now, The Army Engineers Have Turned My Home To A Vale Of Tears Where Only God Could Ever Find That Lovely Stream On The Grassy Bank Of Spring Fed..


The Uncle Bill Roach Band – Im Goin To Texas

Well, Once Upon A Time There Was A Man Named Davy Crockett And He Grew Up A Little Different From You And Me. Well He’s Got To Be One Of My Biggest Heroes In This World… Even Though He Came From Tennessee. Well The People Down In Texas Started Having Some Trouble… Tryin’ To Settle..


Trace Adkins – Hot Mama

You’re doing all you can To get in them old jeans You want that body back You had at 17 Now baby, don’t get down Don’t you worry ’bout a thing cuz the way you’re fillin out, Hey Thats alright with me I don’t want the girl you used to be And if you aint..


Deana Carter – Angels Working Overtime

She was born at a rest stop on the kansas state line In the back of a dodge in the summer time Her momma named her indiana like their license plate And with the hum of the tires on the interstate She was cryin’ They left her at a denny’s up in colorado In a..


Sugarland – Everyday America

Grew Up On A Tightrope Leared To Smile Even When I Was Fallin’ Down Daddy Had A Hard Hand And Momma Always Had Hope And Me And My Sister Couldn’t Wait To Get Out I Fell In Love Out Of College A Good Man But A Bad Year Visions Of Sugar Plums And Boxes Of..


Crossin Dixon – Lovin’ In The Country

Back in the woods, back of my truck Up to no good, but its good to be us. Homemade wine in a papercup Breaking out the shine at the break of dust. Redneck swing, swinging from a pine Drankin from a spring, chewin on a rine. Me and my crew just makin it up Nothin..