Dierks Bentley – Tip It On Back

I See Main Street Closing Miles Of “For Sale” Signs And Them Fields Ain’t Growing Fast Enough To Get Us By I Feel The Sweet Release, Of A Friday Night For A Couple Of Hours We Can Run This Town Till It Runs Dry Tip It On Back, Make It Feel Good Sip A Little […]


Aaron Tippin – Where Country Grows

Have You Ever Rode A Dirt Road With The Windows Rolled Down Smelling That Honeysuckle Vine Riding For No Reason And You’re Lookin’ Not Seeing A House But Every Few Miles Have You Ever Been Rockin’ On The Porch With Your Daddy Watchin The World Turn Slow That’s Where Country Grows It’s In The Hearts […]


Brooks And Dunn – I Still Believe In You

Lonely The Path You Have Chosen And Restless Road, No Turning Back One Day You Will Find Your Light Again Don’t You Know Don’t Let Go, Be Strong Follow You Heart Let Your Love Lead Through The Darkness Back To A Place You Once Knew I Believe, I Believe, I Believe In You Follow Your […]


Dustin Lynch – She Cranks My Tractor

She’s a wild rose waiting on me at the end of the road Between the water tower and the power lines We’re a cloud of dust once i get her buckled in my pickup truck She’s ten pounds of sugar in a five pound sack A hollywood looker in a john deere cap I go […]


Shania Twain – When

If Elephants Could Fly, I’d Be A Little More Optimistic But I Dont See That Happenin’ Any Time Soon I Don’t Mean To Sound So Pessimistic But I Dont Think That Cow Really Jumped Over The Moon When Will I Wake Up? Why Did We Break Up? When Will We Make Up? When Money Grows […]


Martina Mcbride – Where I Used To Have A Heart

Chorus Where i used to have a heart Feels like a mile wide ditch I got a hole inside The doctor just can’t stitch Gone without a trace You left a hollow space There’s not a stone to mark Where i used to have a heart There were times when i would hold you And […]


Michael Ray – Livin’ It Up

It ain’t good for your soul to stay on cruise control And let the good times pass you by And it’s been way too long since we carried on So let’s get off this painted pony ride Hop a fence chase the wind to the wilder side Start livin’ it up, throwin’ it down, here […]