Carrie Underwood – Cowboy Casanova

You Better Take It From Me, That Boy Is Like A Disease You’re Running, You’re Trying, You’re Trying To Hide And You’re Wondering Why You Can’t Get Free He’s Like A Curse, He’s Like A Drug You Get Addicted To His Love You Wanna Get Out But He’s Holding You Down ‘Cause You Can’t Live..


Dustin Lynch – American Prayer

It’s whispered from a tractor on a flat midwestern plain The fields are dry and dusty, there is no sign of rain It floats out a kitchen window, somewhere in the south If the river gets much higher, they’ll float away no doubt You can almost feel it in the air, an american prayer They’re..


Tim McGraw – My Little Girl

Gotta Hold On Easy As I Let You Go Going To Tell You How Much I Love You Though You Think You Already Know I Remember I Thought You Looked Like Angel Wrapped In Pink So Soft And Warm You’ve Had Me Wrapped Around Your Finger Since The Day You Were Born Your Beautiful Baby..


Dan Seals – One Friend

I always thought you were the best I guess I always will. I always thought that we were blessed And I feel that way still. Sometimes we took the hard road But we always saw it through. If I had only one friend left I’d want it to be you. Sometimes the world was on..


Willie Nelson – Will The Circle Be Unbroken

I was standing by my window, On one cold and cloudy day When i saw that hearse come rolling For to carry my mother away Will the circle be unbroken By and by, lord, by and by There’s a better home a-waiting In the sky, lord, in the sky I said to that undertaker Undertaker..


Alabama – Song Of The South

Song, Song Of The South Sweet Potato Pie, And I Shut My Mouth Gone, Gone With The Wind There Ain’t No Body Lookin’ Back Again. Cotton On Roadside, Cotton In The Ditch We All Picked The Cotton But We Never Got Rich Daddy Was A Veteren, A Southern Democrat They Oughta Get A Rich Man..


Sara Evans – Low

Like Your Dreams Were Meant To Fly, Like A Bird Up In The Sky Just Like Heaven S Somewhere Up Above Clouds I Was Made To Raise My Voice, Lift My Hands Up And Rejoice Just Like Jesus They Couldn T Keep Him Down Low Like The Way Your Mama Felt The Very First Time..