Dierks Bentley – Tip It On Back

I See Main Street Closing Miles Of “For Sale” Signs And Them Fields Ain’t Growing Fast Enough To Get Us By I Feel The Sweet Release, Of A Friday Night For A Couple Of Hours We Can Run This Town Till It Runs Dry Tip It On Back, Make It Feel Good Sip A Little […]


George Jones – White Lightning

Well, down in houston texas way back in the hills Lived my old pappy and he had him a still He brewed white lightning till the sun went down He fill him a jug and he pass it around Mighty, mighty pleasin’ pappy’s corn squeezin’ (whew, white lightning.) Well, the g men, t men, revenoers […]


Lyle Lovett – Give Back My Heart

I’m a traveling man don’t tie me down There’s just too much living going all around A man he’s got to see what he can see I love the road and i love the air And i don’t worry hell i never care I love my women sometimes they love me. But i was got […]


Ryan Bingham – Country Roads

Do You Really Think You Know, Exactly Where I Stand, Or Did I Just Let You Down, When You Found Out I Was Just A Poor Man, I Might Of Took A Few Wrong Turns, Down A Few Wrong Roads, Wound Up In A Few Wrong Towns, Where Nobody Cares Or Goes. Chorus: It Ain’t […]


Rachel Proctor – Baby Dont Let Me Go

I Say Things That I Don’t Mean You Look At Me Like I’m Crazy And Baby, Sometimes I Am There’s A Side Of Me That Wants To Run As Soon As I Get Close Enough To Love To Touch It With My Hands I Start To Feel Smothered Start To Head For Cover ‘Cause The […]


Sara Evans – My Heart Can T Tell You No

I Don T Want You To Come Around Here No More, I Beg You For Mercy You Don T Know How Strong My Weakness Is, Or How Much It Hurts Me Cause When You Say Its Over With Her I Want To Believe Its True So I Let You In Knowing Tomorrow I M Going […]


Statler Brothers – King Of Love

Jesus came, there he lay in a manger of hay The angels sang, the shepherds came They knew not what the future held They only knew they were compelled From up above a baby born the king of love. He was a child, he was the son He was a man among men He was […]