Charley Pride – Mississippi Cotton Pickin’ Delta Town

In a mississippi cotton pickin’ delta town One dusty street to walk up and down Nothin’ much to see but a starvin’ hound In a mississippi cotton pickin’ delta town. Down in the delta where i was born All we raised was cotton, potatoes and corn I’ve picked cotton till my fingers hurt Draggin’ the..


Alan Jackson – Livin’ On Love

Two Young People Without A Thing Say Some Vows And Spread Their Wings And Settle Down With Just What They Need Livin’ On Love. She Don’t Care ’bout What’s In Style She Just Likes The Way He Smiles It Takes More Than Marble And Tile Livin’ On Love. Livin’ On Love, Buyin’ On Time Without..


Keith Urban – For You

All I Saw Was Smoke And Fire; I Didn’t Feel A Thing, But Suddenly I Was Rising Higher. And I Felt Like I’d Just Made The Biggest Mistake When I Thought About My Unborn Child; When I Thought About My Wife. And The Answer Rang Out Clear From Somewhere Up Above: No Greater Gift Has..


Statler Brothers – Beat The Devi

In the wilderness jesus stayed Forty nights and forty days The devil came in all his sin Came to tempt even him. Said i hear tell you’re god’s son But you get hungry like anyone So if you’re what they’ve all said Then turn these rocks jesus to bread. By the word of god man..


Alan Jackson – So You Don’t Have To Love Me Anymore

I’ll Be The Bad Guy, I’ll Take The Black Eye. When I Walk Out, You Can Slam The Door. I’ll Be The S.o.b. If Thats What You Need From Me, So You Dont Have To Love Me Anymore. When You And Our Friends Talk, Make It All My Fault. Tell ’em I’m Rotten To The..


Jason Aldean – The Truth

Tell ’em All I’m On Vacation Say I Went To Visit Friends That You Ain’t Heard Or Seen From Me In Quite A While When They Ask You Where I’ve Been Tell ’em I’m Out On The West Coast Where It Don’t Ever Rain And That I’m Probably Doing Fine Just Don’t Tell ’em I’ve..


Old Dominion – Song For Another Time

Right now we both know We’re marina del rey, Plane’s gonna fly away And you’ll be on it And by this time tomorrow I’ll be singing yesterday The sunshine’s gonna fade And we can’t stop it So before we turn in, i can’t make you love me Let’s be brown eyed girl, sweet caroline, Free..