Connie Smith – Gone

Since you’ve gone the moon The sun, the stars in the sky Know the reason why i cry Love divine once was mine now you’re gone. Since you’ve gone my heart My lips, my tear dimmed eyes A lonely soul within me cries I acted smart, broke your heart now you’re gone. Oh, what i’d..


Connie Smith – Today I Started Loving You Again

Today i started loving you again Now i’m right back where i’ve really always been I got over you just long enough to let my heartache mend Then today i started loving you again. What a fool i was to think i could get by With only these few million tears i’ve cried I should..


Ferlin Husky – In The Valley He Restoreth My Soul

When i’m low in spirit i cry lord lift me up I want to go higher with thee But nothing grows high on a mountain So he picked out a valley for me. And he leads me beside still waters Somewhere in the valley below And he draws me aside to be tested and tried..


Corey Smith – Twenty-one

When i was only seventeen, couldn’t wait for twenty one I’d hang around on clayton street in the bars there gettin’ drunk A baseball cap and a fake id would get me in the clubs Then i would dance with the college girls and lie about who i was I’d say “i’m pre-med. here at..


Collin Raye – My Kind Of Girl

When i saw you buying cosmo and a hot rod magazine, I said to myself ‘now there’s a girl for me.’ And when i asked you to go for a ride, You stole my heart when you said, “if i can drive.” I said, “how ’bout some music?” You said, “you got any merle?” That’s..


Collin Raye – One Boy One Girl

He finally gave into his friend’s girlfriend when she said “there’s someone you should meet.” At a crowded restaurant way ‘cross town He waited impatiently She walked in, their eyes met, and they both stared And right there and then, everyone else disappeared But one boy, one girl Two hearts beating wildly To put it..


Collin Raye – Loving This Way (duet With Bobbie Eakes)

I’m tired of watching me hurt you I’m tired of being the teardrops on your face I’m tired of loving this way I’m tired of loving this way I know your every weakness I can find one in everything you say I’m tired of loving this way I’m tired of loving this way I’m not..