Statler Brothers – The Teacher

A teacher came into the city And galilee was eager to hear What the teacher said turned the peoples heads And set the city right on it’s ear. He was holdin’ class on a mountain The class was intent on his word The lesson on the mount was how to live and make it count […]


Billy Ray Cyrus – When I’m Gone

Dierks bentley – up on the ridge Let’s blow out these city lights Let’s just leave it all behind Get up where the air is still You can hear the whippoorwill Start a fire pass the shine Wont be home ’till mornin’ time Shout your name out in the wind Confess my love for you […]


Deana Carter – Strawberry Wine

He was working through college on my grandpa’s farm I was thirsting for knowledge and he had a car Yeah i was caught somewhere between a woman and a child One restless summer we found love growing wild On the banks of the river, on a well beaten path It’s funny how those memories they […]


Zac Brown Band – Whatever It Is

She’s Got Eyes That Cut You Like A Knife And Her Lips That Taste Like Sweet Red Wine And Her Pretty Legs Go To Heaven Every Time She Got A Gentle Way That Puts Me At Ease When She Walks In The Room I Can Hardly Breathe Got A Devasating Smile Knock A Grown Man […]


Brooks – Hillbilly Deluxe

Up in the backwoods down in the holler Ole boys feeling like a dog on a coller Keepin’ that chain pulled tight Waiting on saturday night Put on the smell good Put on skynyrd Head into town like a nascar winner Cruisin’ back and forth to the tasty freeze Everywhere you look all you see […]


Maddie & Tae – Fly

Baby blue staring in the window pane Just counting drops of rain Wondering if she’s got the guts to take it Running down her dreams in a dirty dress, Now her heart’s a mess Praying she will find a way to make it So keep on climbing, though the ground might shake Just keep on […]


Willie Nelson – Crazy

I’m crazy Crazy for feeling so lonely I’m crazy Crazy for feeling so blue I know You’d love me as long as you wanted Then someday Leave me for somebody new (bridge) Worry Why do i let myself worry Wondring What in the world did i do Crazy For thinking that my love could hold […]