Statler Brothers – Have A Little Faith

God told abraham To go to canaan land And start a brand new life And be a brand new man. He took his wife and nephew And did as he was told But it’s hard startin’ over At 75 years old. But god said abraham look For as far as you see All of that..


Caitlin & Will – Even Now

Well i was wrong But you were mean Yea, i got mad Cuz you said those things I called your bluff So you walked out So i guess, We’re even now Well i told jill But you told joe And i won’t name names But i heard you told someone where i could go So..


Statler Brothers – In The Beginning

In the beginning The lord made the earth The heavens the hills and the seas Then he created The sun and the stars The land the blue the trees. He made all creatures That lived in the earth And taught them to live by his plan Then as he rested The lord sanctified The seventh..


C.w. Mccall – Night Rider

Well, a-truckin’ on the night line, quarter past five Tryin’ to get my rig an’ me to ‘frisco alive Fog lights up tight, a-givin’ me the creeps Just a winnemucca trucka with a load a’ black sheep [a ghostly chorus] Night rider I got a belly full a’ jelly and head full a’ pain Bennies..


C.w. Mccall – Convoy

Yeah breaker one nine this here’s the rubber duck Uh, you got a copy on me pig pen c’mon Uh yeah ten-four pig pen fer sure fer sure. By golly it’s clean clear to flag town, c’mon Yeah its a big ten -four there pig pen Yeah we definitely got the front door, good buddy..


Buddy Jewell – Back To You

In a brief an’ open moment in an’ ol’ roadside cafe Just outside a-memphis in the dyin’ light of day My eyes must have betrayed me, ’cause it was you, i could have sworn And time came to a standstill as a brand new ghost was born Yeah, a brand new ghost was born How..


Buddy Jewell – Addicted To The Rain

Addicted to the rain Blue skies go away Don?t you waste my time ?cause i don?t have a place for you Inside this heart of mine You promise brighter days But never do come through Ever since she went away blue skies I?ve had no use for you But when i see the clouds come..