Corey Smith – Fool No. 1

Now i guess that i’m the biggest fool of all. Am i fool no. 1 or am i fool no. 2 How many other girls have been fooled by you I suppose that the number is far from being small And i’ll bet that i’m the biggest fool of all. If i had the chance […]


Dan Seals – Love On Arrival

I just had to call, cause babe I got your letter And I understood almost every line You said T. L. C. is what you miss from me You want back in my arms P.D.Q. And ooh I love this game Them three letters by your name L.O.A. what does that say? * She said […]


Billy Ray Cyrus – Words By Heart

I went through the closet back in my old home Found a letterman’s jacket so i slipped it on Deep in the pocket still folded up tight Was the letter you wrote to tell me goodbye The minute i saw it i just had to smile It smelled like old leather as smooth as a […]


Dave Dudley – Six Days On The Road

Well, i pulled out of pittsburgh, Rollin’ down the eastern seaboard. I’ve got my diesel wound up, And she’s running like never before. There’s a speed zone ahead, all right, I don’t see a cop in sight. Six days on the road and i’m gonna make it home tonight. I got ten forward gears, And […]


Elvis Presley – Heartbreak Hotel

Well, since my baby left me I found a new place to dwell It’s down at the end of lonely street At heartbreak hotel Heartbreak is so lonely baby Heartbreak is so lonely Heartbreak is so lonely i could die And although it’s always crowded You still can find some room Where broken hearted lovers […]


Jon Pardi – Drinkin’ With Me

Does anybody wanna go out drinkin’ with me I’ve been workin’ like a dog and lord knows it’s been a long ass week I might blow my top if i can’t go blow off some steam Does anybody wanna go, go, go, go, go, go drinkin’ with me Does anybody wanna go tear up this […]


Brenda Lee – I’m Sorry

I’m sorry, so sorry that i was such a fool I didn’t know love, could be so cruel, oh, oh, oh, oh, yes. You tell me mistakes are part of being young but That don’t right the wrong that’s been done. I’m sorry, i’m sorry, so sorry, so sorry Please accept my apology but love […]