Faith Hill – You Re Still Here

Thought I Saw You Today, You Were Standingin The Sun And You Turned Away, And I Knew It Couldn T Be But My Heart Believed. Oh It Seems Like There Is Something Every Day. How Could You Be So Far Away, When You Re Still Here. When I Need You You Re Not Hard To […]


Jason Aldean – Hicktown

You Like The Way That Sounds? Little Jimmy Jackson Is Jackin’ Up His Bronco He’s Gonna Lay A Little Rubber Later On At The Truck Pull All The Girls Are Getting Pretty, Sprayin’ On The White Rain Yeah They’re Gonna Get A Rowdy Tonight Down At The Football Game Yeah Chorus: We Let It Rip […]


Randy Rogers Band – In My Arms Instead

All The Leaves Have Turned To Rust, The Air Is Getting Thin I Can See My Breath, The Night Is Rollin’ In The Sky Is Gray, It’s Cold As A Stone It’s Just The Kind Of Day, I Can’t Stand To Be Alone ‘Cause You, You’ve Been On My Mind And I Wish You Were […]


Tim Mcgraw – Here Tonight

Got rambling in my boots There’s a lot of strings that i’ve cut loose I ain’t afraid of taking flight But i’d rather be right here tonight There’s a greener grass on down the road There’s a million places left to go With a brighter moon in a bigger sky But i’d rather be right […]


Wynonna – All Things Considered

There is this older guy That comes around from time to time We’re sure that he fought in the war The war in vietnam Most of what he tells us No one’s verified He swears that he was there The day that brendan behan died He also claims he trained A kid named cassius clay […]


Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn – Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man

Loretta lynn & conway twitty Hey, louisiana woman, mississippi man We get together every time we can. The mississippi river can keep us apart There’s too much love in the mississippi heart. Too much love in this louisiana heart. See the alligators all a waitin’ nearby Sooner or later they know i’m gonna try. When […]


Shedaisy – Don’t Worry ’bout A Thing

Ever been misunderstood, misused, or mislead Ever knocked on the sky And had it fall on your head Well, don’t worry ’bout it, don’t worry Ever lost your luggage, your marbles, Your house Or found yourself in bed with uncle sam or mickey mouse Ever been accused of murder on music row Or caught in […]