Lyle Lovett – She’s No Lady

She hates my mama She hates my daddy too She loves to tell me She hates the things i do She loves to lie beside me Almost every night She’s no lady she’s my wife The preacher asked her And she said i do The preacher asked me And she said yes he does too […]


Lyle Lovett – Simple Song

It’s a simple song for simple feeling You see the moon and watch it rise Across the continent the night bird sings And somewhere someone hears its cry So disillusioned Keep your head down If you do they’ll never know You’ll have no answers to their questions And they will have to let you go […]


Lyle Lovett – Pontiac

I park my pontiac Down the hill out in back Late every afternoon With a coke and a cigarette And all of the neighbors there They see a nice old man. And the girl there across the street She sits on her front porch swing She never realized What i told her with my eyes […]


Lyle Lovett – I Loved You Yesterday

Can you tell me what you see in him He looks just like all of the others did And can you tell me if it will ever end Can you tell me or do you know. I could tell you what i saw in you And i could tell you why i still see it […]


Lyle Lovett – Give Back My Heart

I’m a traveling man don’t tie me down There’s just too much living going all around A man he’s got to see what he can see I love the road and i love the air And i don’t worry hell i never care I love my women sometimes they love me. But i was got […]


Lyle Lovett – If I Had A Boat

If i had a boat I’d go out on the ocean And if i had a pony I’d ride him on my boat And we could all together Go out on the ocean I said me upon my pony on my boat If i were roy rogers I’d sure enough be single I couldn’t bring […]


Juice Newton – Ever True

You were always so easy living So easy to love And who? Who could have seen it coming? Things that would happen to us So i must lose And i’m losing you But you know I’ll always be true My heart’s always right here with you Though you have changed I will remain Ever true […]