Michael Ray – Run Away With You

Sometimes it feels just like you’re so far away Don’t take the time to say the things we use to say I can’t remember the last time together Lost in each others eyes It just ain’t right Come on baby let’s leave tonight I just wanna run, i just wanna run away with you And […]


Stephanie Bentley – Who’s That Girl

Who’s that girl I believe i’ve seen that face before Who’s that girl I hardly recognize her anymore I don’t believe i’ve seen her lookin’ better Now she’s back and got her life together She ain’t draggin’ ’round the same old heartache She ain’t lookin’ through innocent eyes And though it’s clear in the mirror […]


Aaron Tippin – Where Country Grows

Have You Ever Rode A Dirt Road With The Windows Rolled Down Smelling That Honeysuckle Vine Riding For No Reason And You’re Lookin’ Not Seeing A House But Every Few Miles Have You Ever Been Rockin’ On The Porch With Your Daddy Watchin The World Turn Slow That’s Where Country Grows It’s In The Hearts […]


Brad Paisley – She’d Give Anything

I remember sayin’ i don’t care either way Just as long as he or she is healthy i’m ok Then the doctor pointed to the corner of the screen And said “ya see that thing right there well ya know what that means” And i started wondering who he was going to be And i […]


Adam Brand – That Changes Everything

Said i know a cray boat captain outa geraldton And i been thinkin’ i’d go down and work a spell Oh you never can tell It might suit me fine To spend some time out on the bay But then there’s always cowboy work up near monto I was thinking that it just might be […]


Johnny Horton – North To Alaska

(tillman franks) Chorus: Way up north to alaska, way up north to alaska North to alaska, goin’ north, the rush is on. North to alaska, goin’ north, the rush is on. Big sam left seattle in the year of ninety-two With george pratt his partner, and brother billy too They crossed the yukon river and […]


Juice Newton – The Sweetest Thing

When i see you in the morning with the sleep still in your eyes, I remember all the laughter and the tears we shared last night. And as we lie here, just two shadows in the light before the dawn, The sweetest thing i’ve ever known is loving you. Chorus: And i have never been […]