Billy Ray Cyrus – Storm In The Heartland

The leaves on the tree are turnin’ inside out From the great white north there’s a big black cloud Run for shelter if you can There’s a storm in the heartland We made it through the flood of ’93 But this is gonna be the death of me I can’t hide the tears of a..


Willie Nelson – Still Is Still Moving To Me

Still is still moving to me And i swim like a fish in the sea all the time But if that’s what it takes to be free i don’t mind Still is still moving to me Still is still moving to me And it’s hard to explain how i feel It won’t go in words..


Jon Pardi – Borrowed Time

Waitin’ at a stop sign, a school bus passes by Yeah that wasn’t long ago, that was me hitchin’ a ride And i lost track of many yesterdays, the way it felt to be that age The people, the faces, they all change Ain’t it funny how it slips away Yeah we’re all down here..


Cole Swindell – Let Me See Ya Girl

Bring the beat back. Yeah you got every guy in here Spinnin around spillin’ their beer. Bet you came out to have a good time What you say you leave your friends with mine? Oooh, ooh, they’ll be alright, ooh, i just wanna see you shine. Girl you’re tearin’ that dance floor up Let me..


Ronnie Milsap – Better Off With The Blues

Oh, now since you’ve been gone i’ve had time to myself I havn’t even tried to find somebody else When you told me you were leaving you know it almost came as good news It may sound funny but it’s true i think i’m better off with the blues. Listen, i must admit that i..


Jon Pardi – Night Shift

It’s been a wreck me week Sixty plus from dawn to dusk In the red dirt heat Busting it up for a couple of bucks But it ain’t no thing Just another day till i’m on my way To them cool, cool sheets and you and me Working on the night shift, baby Dying for..