Alabama – Old Flame

(d.lowery-m.mcanally) I saw you starin’ at each other I saw your eyes begin to glow And i could tell you once were lovers But you ain’t hidin’ nothin’ that i don’t know. There’s an old flame burnin’ in your eyes That tears can’t drown and make-up can’t disguise Now that old flame might not be..


Miranda Lambert – More Like Her

She’s Beautiful In Her Simple Little Way She Don’t Have Too Much To Say When She Gets Mad She Understands She Don’t Let Go Of Anything Even When The Pain Gets Really Bad I Guess I Should Have Been More Like That You Had It All For A Pretty Little While And Somehow You Made..


Brooks & Dunn – Proud Of The House We Built

I dropped to my knees in that field on your daddy’s farm Asked you to marry me, all i had to give was my heart While other kids went diving into swimming holes You and me dove off into the great unknown We were barely gettin’ by, takin’ care of each other Then i became..


Tim Mcgraw – It’s Your Love

Dancin’ in the dark, middle of the night Takin’ your heart and holdin’ it tight Emotional touch, touchin’ my skin And askin’ you to do What you’ve been doin’ all over again Oh, it’s a beautiful thing Don’t think i can keep it all in I just gotta let you know What it is that..


Taylor Swift – The Best Day

I’m Five Years Old And It’s Getting Cold I’ve Got My Big Coat On I Hear Your Laugh And Look Up Smiling At You I Run And Run Past The Pumpkin Patch And The Tractor Rides Look Now The Sky Is Gold I Hug Your Legs And Fall Asleep On The Way Home I Don’t..


Sugarland – Stay

I Been Sittin’ Here Staring At The Clock On The Wall And I Been Layin Here Praying Praying She Won’t Call It’s Just Another Call From Home And You’ll Get It And Be Gone And I’ll Be Crying And I’ll Be Beggin You Baby Beg You Not To Leave But I’ll Be Left Here Waiting..


Blackhawk – I’m Not Strong Enough To Say No

The sign says do not touch. you’re out of bounds. You’re forbidden fruit, don’t come around. It says don’t make plans, ’cause on your hand Is a promise made to another man. ’cause when you’re around, my defences go down. Feelin’s get stronger, looks get longer. The closer you come, the weaker i get. If..