Maren Morris – I Could Use A Love Song

[verse 1] Usually a drink will do the trick Take the edge off quick, sitting in the dark With a shared cigarette Seeing eye-to-eye, and heart-to-heart But maybe i’m just getting old Used to work but now it don’t A long gone drive You know the kind where you take a turn and you don’t..


The Harters – Why I Cry

Down In Havasupai Falls He Picked Me Up And Threw Me In And I Can Still Recall Life And It’s Bash In The End The A Hundred Miles East There’s A Cabin In My Mind Ooh I Can Still Feel The Heat From The First Time Fire Light And Maybe That Why I Cry (Chorus)..


Sara Evans – I Could Not Ask For More

Lying Here With You Listenin To The Rain Smilin Just To See The Smile Upon Your Face These Are The Moments I Thank God That I M Alive These Are The Moments I Ll Remember All My Life I Ve Found All I Ve Waited For And I Could Not Ask For More Looking In..


Dustin Lynch – Seein’ Red

Flame Girl you light it up When i hear you say my name Yeah, you know just How to start it You shine And i just can’t wait To get you out tonight Yeah, you know How bad i want it Ride this chevy like a cadillac With that one stop light No lookin’ back..


Brett Eldredge – Illinois

I come from the heart of the heartland Where picture shows where the corn grows in rows and rows And summer greens and winter snows, and it goes on Through the crack of the bat Oh, everybody rollin’ out their welcome mat And our hands on our hearts under the stars of the friday night..