Bradley Gaskin – Tennessee Whiskey

I used to spend my nights out in a barroom Liquor was the only love i’d known But she rescued me from reaching for the bottle And she brought me back from being too far gone You’re as smooth as tennessee whiskey And you’re as sweet as strawberry wine And you’re as warm as a..


Sara Evans – I Could Not Ask For More

Lying Here With You Listenin To The Rain Smilin Just To See The Smile Upon Your Face These Are The Moments I Thank God That I M Alive These Are The Moments I Ll Remember All My Life I Ve Found All I Ve Waited For And I Could Not Ask For More Looking In..


Sara Evans – As If

I Love The Way You Wear Those Worn Out Blue Jeans, Walkin All Around In The Big Sunshine. Baby, Let Me Believe That You Re Perfect, At Least For A Little While. You Don T Have To Tell Me What You Re Thinkin ; You Can Keep All That To Yourself. Baby, We Got Such..


Shania Twain – You’re Still The One

(when I First Saw You, I Saw Love And The First Time You Touched Me, I Felt Love And After All This Time, You’re Still The One I Love) Looks Like We Made It Look How Far We’ve Come My Baby We Might’ve Took The Long Way We Knew We’d Get There Some Day They..


Brad Paisley – Celebrity

Someday i’m gonna be famous, do i have talent, well, no. These days you don’t really need it, thanks to reality shows. Can’t wait to date a supermodel, can’t wait to sue my dad. Can’t wait to wreck a ferrari on my way to rehab. Chorus: ’cause when you’re a celebrity It’s adios reality You’..


Darius Rucker – This

Got a baby girl sleeping in my bedroom And her momma laughing in my arms There’s the sound of rain on the rooftop And the game’s about to start I don’t really know how i got here But i’m so glad that i did And it’s crazy to think that one little thing Could have..


Shania Twain – Love Gets Me Every Time

Life Was Goin’ Great Love Was Gonna Have To Wait Was In No Hurry, Had No Worries Stayin’ Single Was The Plan Didn’t Need A Steady Man Had It Covered, ’til I Dicovered Bridge: That Love Gets Me Every Time My Heart Changed My Mind I Gol’ Darn Gone And Done It Chorus: Gone And..