Alison Krauss – Every Time You Say Goodbye

Look at the sky baby What do you see? Looks like the tears that i cry Fallin’ down like rain on the ground Every time you say goodbye Take a look around now Why don’t you feel The way that cold wind stings and bites And your words just are like arrows through my heart..


Brenda Lee – Coming On Strong

Comin’ on strong, comin’ on strong I can feel the heartaches Comin’ on strong I can feel the teardrops, the pain, and the sorrow Ever since you’ve been gone, they’ been Comin’ on strong. Pain, come on in, hello sorrow I see you’re back again Teardrops, glad you dropped by ’cause you can help drown..


Chase Bryant – High, Drunk, And Heartbroke

Well, i’ve been smoking that california smoke Pouring some jack in my coke Well, since you left me i’ve been on a roll I’m getting high, drunk, and heartbroke Well, this grass, it ain’t getting any greener I can’t sink in this glass any deeper You’re damn right i’m missing you But, i ain’t picking..


Chase Bryant – In The First Place

Yeah, looking back now I can tell that you were trying To tell me what it was I called love just wasn’t flying Said you were gonna leave If i didn’t get it right So you took off like the breeze As i worked straight through the night I was the last one to see..


Chase Bryant – Drinking In My Car

Well, i’ve got plenty of booze Nothing left to lose Got nowhere that i need to be So i’ll just close that door And pour one more Roll the windows down and turn the key I’m drinking in my car In my own driveway My favorite bar Is in a chevrolet Turn the radio on..


Chase Bryant – Red Light

We ditched that party Didn’t like that sound Turned on some petty And drove around She looked right at me Like she was waiting I hit the brakes and I kissed a girl at a red light last night She fucked me up, got me so right, so high (so high) We watched the light..


Chase Bryant – Paradise

You’re prettier than paris Hotter than california Better than some beach somewhere south of the border Girl, you get me higher than denver Light me up like times square Get to see it all, ain’t gotta go nowhere You’re my kinda paradise I could spend forever right here tonight I see heaven in your eyes..