The Uncle Bill Roach Band – Swing High Swing Low

Grandpa Used To Work All Day To Make A Little Money Then Climbed On A Load Of Hay And Go To See His Honey Swing High, Swing Low With A Do – Si – Do – Si – Do We Will Dance In June In The Light Of The Moon On The Banks Of The […]


Alabama – God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You

Can This Be True? Tell Me, Can This Be Real? How Can I Put Into Words How I Feel? My Life Was Complete, I Thought I Was Whole. Why Do I Feel Like I’m Losing Control? I Never Thought That Love Could Feel Like This. Then You Changed My World With Just One Kiss. How […]


Darius Rucker – This

Got a baby girl sleeping in my bedroom And her momma laughing in my arms There’s the sound of rain on the rooftop And the game’s about to start I don’t really know how i got here But i’m so glad that i did And it’s crazy to think that one little thing Could have […]


Caitlin & Will – Address In The Stars

I stumbled across your picture today I could barely breathe The moment stopped me cold And grabbed me like a thief I dialed your number But you wouldn’t be there I knew the whole time But its still not fair I just wanted to hear your voice I just needed to hear your voice What […]


Collin Raye – All I Can Be (is A Sweet Memory)

All i can be is a sweet memory That drifts through your mind time from time I can never be more than a knock on your door Just a shadow that’s gone with the sunshine For you know i’m not free And i never can be And your bound to get restless in time All […]


Alan Jackson – Sissy’s Song

Why Did She Have To Go So Young I Just Don’t Know Why Things Happen Half The Time Without Reason Without Rhyme Lovely, Sweet Young Woman Daughter, Wife And Mother Makes No Sense To Me I Just Have To Believe. She Flew Up To Heaven On The Wings Of Angels By The Clouds And Stars […]


Stealing Angels – Little Blue Sky

When doors keep slammin’ in my face When no one seems to know my name When all my dollars don’t make sense When my little life’s a tragedy You rescue me You’re my little blue sky You’re my ray of sunshine The hope beyond my tears As long as you are here You’re my little […]