Cledus T. Judd – (she’s Got A Butt) Bigger Than The Beatles

She cooks with lard Loves hot food bars A quart of sweet tea And fried pork skins Can’t get enough Eat still she’s stuffed Goes to the bathroom And then she comes back again She thinks she looks just like madonna When she runs her greasy fingers through her bleached blonde hair Most times she’ll […]


Aaron Tippin – That Just About Does It

Every Night You Go To Bed Crying. There’s Nothing Left To Do When Love Is Dying. So Before The Whole World Knows How We’re Hurtin, Don’t You Think It’s Time We Pulled The Curtains So Many Times I Talked You Out Of Leavin’. And So Many Times You’ve Tried To Fight The Feeling. I Guess […]


Chris Stapleton – Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore

[chorus] Daddy doesn’t pray anymore I guess he’s finished talking to the lord He used to fold his hands and bow his head down to the floor But daddy doesn’t pray anymore [verse 1] I remember even when the times were bad He thanked jesus for everything he had For a good wife and three […]


Toby Keith – Getcha Some

Well Boy Meets Girl And It’s A Good Bet Girls Gonna Play A Little Hard To Get But They Both Got The Same Thing On Their Mind Ain’t That The Way That The World Goes Round Don’t It Get You Up Get You Down It Gets You Walking Around With A Flashlight Trying To Find […]


The Sons Of The Pioneers – Tumbling Tumbleweeds

I’m a roaming cowboy, riding all day long Tumbleweeds around me sing their lonely song. Nights underneath a prairie moon, I ride alone and sing a tune. Chorus: See them tumbling down, Pledging their love to the ground, Lonely but free i’ll be found Drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweeds. Cares of the past are […]


Statler Brothers – Song Of David

David, son of jesse Shepheard to his fathers sheep Played the harp when saul got weary Rocked the giant till he was fast asleep. People prayed when saul killed thousands When david killed ten thousand they cheered And all that noise they saw angry And the shepheard was on the lamb for years. David was […]


Tim McGraw – I Need You

(Tim) I Wanna Drink That Shot Of Whiskey I Wanna Smoke That Cigarette I Wanna Smell That Sweet Addiction On My Breath I Wanna Ride Cross West Virginia In The Backseat Of A Cadillac You Know Some Cowboys Like Me Go Out Like That So I Need You (Tim Chorus) Like A Needle Needs A […]