Brad Paisley – Who Needs Pictures

There’s An Old Kodak Camera In My Dresser Drawer I Ran Across It Just This Afternoon And I Realized That I Don’t Ever Use It Anymore In Fact Last Time I Did I Think It Was With You When We Were Down In Cozumel We Had The Whole Beach To Ourselves And It’s Crazy Now..


Aaron Tippin – Youve Got To Stand For Something

Now Daddy Didn’t Like Trouble, But If It Came Along Everyone That Knew Him Knew Which Side That He’d Be On He Never Was A Hero, Or This County’s Shinin’ Light But You Could Always Find Him Standing Up For What He Thought Was Right He’d Say You’ve Got To Stand For Something Or You’ll..


Josh Turner – Another Try

All The Things I Felt And Never Shared All The Times That She Was Lonely With Me There The Tears I Wouldn’t Let Fall From My Eyes And How I Let Her Go Without A Fight The Reasons I’m Alone I Know By Heart But I Don’t Want To Spend Forever In The Dark I..


Lee Brice – Love Like Crazy

They Called Them Crazy When They Started Out Said Seventeen’s Too Young To Know What Love’s About They’ve Been Together Fifty Eight Years Now That’s Crazy He Brought Home Sixty Seven Bucks A Week Bought A Little Two Bedroom House On Maple Street Where She Blessed Him With Six More Mouths To Feed Now Thats..


Lady Antebellum – Our Kind Of Love

Here We Go! You Wear Your Smile Like A Summer Sky Just Shining Down On Me And You I Swear Your Heart Is A Free Bird On A Lazy Sunday Afternoon I Love The Way That You Were Up For Anything Never Worried ’bout What People Say That’s Right, Oh That’s Right What We Got..


Brooks And Dunn – Proud Of The House We Built

I Dropped To My Knees In That Field On Your Daddy’s Farm Asked You To Marry Me, All I Had To Give Was My Heart While Other Kids Went Diving Into Swimming Holes You And Me Dove Off Into The Great Unknown We Were Barely Gettin’ By, Takin’ Care Of Each Other Then I Became..


Keith Anderson – Pickin Wildflowers

Hey Baby Whatcha Doin This Evening? Can You Meet Me Down At The Railroad Tracks? I Got Tom Petty Playin In My Silverado, And I Iced Down A Six Pack. Hey Daisy Don T You Worry Bout Your Mama, Like 007 We Can Keep It Covert. Undercover On The Ground By The Water Gonna Get..