Faith Hill – Breathe

I Can Feel The Magic Floating In The Air Being With You Gets Me That Way I Watch The Sunlight Dance Across You Face, And I’ve… Never Been This Swept Away All My Thoughts Just Seem To Settle On The Breeze When I’m Lyin’ Wrapped Up In Your Arms The Whole World Just Fades Away, […]


Corey Smith – Gone Too Far

Gone too far since that first tender kiss I never dreamed that it would lead to this Gone too far to ever let you go Would i turn back if i could Well, maybe i should but it’s gone too far. Gone too far since you first held my hand Gone too far it’s not […]


Bob Dylan – Tight Connection To My Heart

Well, i had to move fast And i couldn’t with you around my neck. I said i’d send for you and i did What did you expect? My hands are sweating And we haven’t even started yet. I’ll go along with the charade Until i can think my way out. I know it was all […]


Sugarland – Want To

I’ve Packed A Cooler And A Change Of Clothes Let’s Jump And See How Far It Goes You Got My Heart And Your Daddy’s Boat We Got All Night To Make It Float We Could Sit On The Shore, We Could Just Be Friends Or We Could Jump In Whole World Could Change In A […]


Sara Evans – A Real Fine Place To Start

I M Gonna Do It Darlin I Could Waste Time Tryin To Figure It Out But I M Jumpin Anyhow I Ve Never Been This Far Didn T Know Love Could Run So Deep Didn T Know I D Loose This Much Sleep. Holdin You Close Chasin That Moon Spendin All Night Lovin Just Who […]


Nick Jonas And The Administration – Who I Am

I Want Someone To Love Me Who I Am I Want Someone To Need Me, Is That So Bad? I Wanna Break All The Madness, But It’s All I Have I Want Someone To Love Me Who I Am Nothing Makes Sense, Nothing Makes Sense Anymore Nothing Is Right, Nothing Is Right When You’re Gone […]


The Band Perry – You Lie

It Ain’t Complicated Well, I’ve Grown To Hate It I Never Liked The Taste Of Crow But Baby I Ate It They Tried To Warn Me They Said That You Were Ornery So Don’t Bring Me Those Big Brown Eyes And Tell Me That You’re Sorry Well You Might As Well Throw Gasoline On A […]