Bob Dylan – Series Of Dreams

I was thinking of a series of dreams Where nothing comes up to the top. Everything stays down where it’s wounded And comes to a permanent stop. Wasn’t thinking of anything specific, Like in a dream, when someone wakes up and screams. Nothing truly very scientific, Just thinking of a series of dreams. Thinking of..


Dave Alvin – Every Night About This Time

Every night about this time She’s waiting for a man It could be me or it could be you Who’ll touch her with their hands Someone left her long ago She never found out why So she falls in love again Every night about this time Every night about this time She’ll be holding someone..


Dave Alvin – New Tattoo

Dave alvin (blue horn toad music, bmi, administered by bug music) Well i’m leavin’ this mornin’ baby Gonna ride that new highway Yeah i’m leavin’ this mornin’ baby Gonna ride that new highway And the more you cry the more you gonna drive me away. I ain’t got no family Ain’t got no wife or..


Darius Rucker – Together Anything’s Possible

Woke up to a beautiful sun shining brightly in the east Want to have it shine on everyone the way it’s shining on me We got such a long way to go and we got so much to do But i made a promise to myself i’d be right here for you I feel the..


Skip Ewing – Your Memory Wins Again

Getting down from houston, trying to forget you Thought your grip would loosen, but my heart won’t let you go I guess i’m just too slow Every time i think it’s giving in Your memory wins again I thought i’d find the phoenix They’ve got a room to beat there And give my mind a..


Shooter Jennings – The Deed And The Dollar

She got a special way It makes me happy everyday When do the old folks say She’s finer than frog hair split four ways When i’m feelin’ low She reminds me that there’s always tomorrow I kinda wonder if she knows My sun comes up just to hear her call She don’t just own me..


Shedaisy – In Terms Of Love

Now and then i confess you cross my mind Now and then i guess i had a little too much time I’ve changed my way of thinking I’ve tried hard to separate What came too soon from what came too late I don’t think about me in terms of you I don’t think about you..