Shenandoah – If Bubba Can Dance (

Well, he saw it on t.v And ordered that video He learned every step at home And never told a soul When i saw him out there the very first time, i knew Well, if bubba can dance Well, i can too Well if bubba can scoot Bubba can slide Bubba can two-step And bubba […]


Statler Brothers – The Teacher

A teacher came into the city And galilee was eager to hear What the teacher said turned the peoples heads And set the city right on it’s ear. He was holdin’ class on a mountain The class was intent on his word The lesson on the mount was how to live and make it count […]


Billy Ray Cyrus – One Last Thrill

So i’ll be leaving this house without you That’s the last thing i thought i’d ever do How could we come so far and be so close And have such a distant point of view I won’t stand here and cry over differences I won’t say things i’ll regret I’ll be on my way with […]


Brenda Lee – Coming On Strong

Comin’ on strong, comin’ on strong I can feel the heartaches Comin’ on strong I can feel the teardrops, the pain, and the sorrow Ever since you’ve been gone, they’ been Comin’ on strong. Pain, come on in, hello sorrow I see you’re back again Teardrops, glad you dropped by ’cause you can help drown […]


Carrie Underwood – Jesus, Take The Wheel

She was driving last Friday on her way to Cincinnati On a snow white Christmas Eve Going home to see her Mama and her Daddy with the baby in the backseat Fifty miles to go and she was running low on faith and gasoline It would been a long hard year She had a lot […]


Shania Twain – When You Kiss Me

This Could Be It, I Think I’m In Love It’s Love This Time It Just Seems To Fit, I Think I’m In Love This Love Is Mine I Can See You With Me When I’m Older All My Lonely Nights Are Finally Over You Took The Weight Of The World Off My Shoulders (the World […]


Brantley Gilbert – The Weekend

[verse 1] Tick tock, i’m on the clock and i’m feeling like This job’s just 9 to 5’in my life away It’s like i’m back in school and i’m in the last class And i’m passing time until the bell ring Having visions of summertime Wait a minute now, that’s just later tonight Tan legs […]