Chase Bryant – Paradise

You’re prettier than paris Hotter than california Better than some beach somewhere south of the border Girl, you get me higher than denver Light me up like times square Get to see it all, ain’t gotta go nowhere You’re my kinda paradise I could spend forever right here tonight I see heaven in your eyes..


Chase Bryant – Selfish

I want you more than one night I want you more than the weekend I wanna stay right here and watch that summer sunset sinking I want you more than forever Until the world stops spinning Well, baby be my happy ever after never ending Let me be selfish You’re all that l that i..


Chase Bryant – Cold Beer

Some roads need a little dirt Some skies need a couple stars Some towns need a few less people and a few more bars Some folks need a little twang Less rap and a little more hank Couple rods on a riverbank, if you know what i mean I need a cold beer Need a..


Chase Bryant – Somewhere In A Bar

Somebody’s begging for free bird Old man’s yelling “son, run the damn ball” Somebody ain’t got no sense being there at all No, they don’t Somebody just turned twenty-one And you know this ain’t their first buzz Somebody’s swimming in that tennessee Till they can’t remember who she was Somewhere in a bar There’s a..


Chase Bryant – Even Now

Even now I still dream about your kiss Girl, it’s only you i miss I hope you know Even now I still think about back then I see you with me, not him And i can’t let go Girl, i know i broke your heart I wasn’t thinking at the time You’d wind up in..


Chase Bryant – Little Bitty Town

I made another big ole mistake Got another big ole heartbreak She didn’t even take that interstate She just moved right down the road She’s got a brand new set of new friends And they’re hanging out where we did And she’s there hanging all over him Like she don’t care if i know Yeah,..


Chase Bryant – Think About That

Everybody remembers the friday nights Six pack bars, neon lights, football games And tailgates down by the river Barefoot girls head light dancin’ Dogwood trees and what’s on the hangin’ on the branches Sonic cup full of mountain dew and liquor Well, i wonder if she wonders if i remember That mellencamp shirt that she..