Alabama – Tennessee River

I was born across the river In the mountains where i call home. Lord, times were good there. Don’t know why i ever roamed. Oh, tennessee river and a mountain man, We get together anytime we can. Oh, tennessee river and a mountain man, We play together in mother nature’s band. Me and my woman’s […]


Chuck Wicks – Hold That Thought

Close your eyes and picture this Lying in bed in the candlelight We start to kiss Pulling your body in close to mine Now picture us That moment before we make love Now hold that thought Hold it right there Let your mind keep running wild Till i get there Just imagine Me loving on […]


Conway Twitty – It’s Only Make Believe

People see us everywhere They think you really care But myself, i can’t deceive I know it’s only make believe My one and only prayer Is that someday you’ll care My hopes, my dreams come true My one and only you No one will ever know How much i love you so My only prayer […]


Dierks Bentley – Tip It On Back

I See Main Street Closing Miles Of “For Sale” Signs And Them Fields Ain’t Growing Fast Enough To Get Us By I Feel The Sweet Release, Of A Friday Night For A Couple Of Hours We Can Run This Town Till It Runs Dry Tip It On Back, Make It Feel Good Sip A Little […]


Stealing Angels – Little Blue Sky

When doors keep slammin’ in my face When no one seems to know my name When all my dollars don’t make sense When my little life’s a tragedy You rescue me You’re my little blue sky You’re my ray of sunshine The hope beyond my tears As long as you are here You’re my little […]


Michael Ray – Everything In Between

It’s always when the street lights are blinking red It’s only when you’re the only thing in my head I don’t know how you know but you know when i’m too far gone It’s always right when i wanna do something wrong I hate when you call but i answer again ’cause you don’t give […]


Carrie Underwood – Cowboy Casanova

You Better Take It From Me, That Boy Is Like A Disease You’re Running, You’re Trying, You’re Trying To Hide And You’re Wondering Why You Can’t Get Free He’s Like A Curse, He’s Like A Drug You Get Addicted To His Love You Wanna Get Out But He’s Holding You Down ‘Cause You Can’t Live […]