Burns & Poe – I Need A Job

I need a job Not a government plan All i wanna do is work with my two hands Gonna fire up the truck, head up to dc Tell them s.o.b.’s i need a j-o-b Well i make my living by the sweat of my brow Give me some work and i will work it out […]


Conway Twitty – Hello Darlin’

Hello darlin’ Nice to see you It’s been a long time You’re just as lovely As you used to be. How’s your new love Are you happy Hope your doin’ fine Just to know it Means so much to me. What’s that darlin’ How am i doin’ Guess i’m doin’ alright Except i cant sleep […]


Shania Twain – No One Needs To Know

Am I Dreamin’ Or Stupid? I Think I’ve Been Hit By Cupid But No One Needs To Know Right Now I Met A Tall, Dark And Handsome Man And I’ve Been Busy Makin’ Big Plans But No One Needs To Know Right Now I Got My Heart Set, My Feet Wet And He Don’t Even […]


Bob Dylan – Tight Connection To My Heart

Well, i had to move fast And i couldn’t with you around my neck. I said i’d send for you and i did What did you expect? My hands are sweating And we haven’t even started yet. I’ll go along with the charade Until i can think my way out. I know it was all […]


Brett Eldredge – Don’t Ya

Girl, you cut those jeans just right I know you didn’t buy ’em like that So baby don’t even try that You dance, oh you move Like there ain’t nobody watchin’ But girl you know i’m watchin’ Don’t lie, you got it all figured out That smile has got me spinnin’ around Don’t even try […]


Taylor Swift – Mine

You were in college working part time, waiting tables Left a small town, never looked back I was a flight risk with a fear of falling Wondering why we bother with love if it never lasts I say, “Can you believe it?” As we’re lying on the couch The moment I could see it Yes, […]


Alan Jackson – When Somebody Loves You

When Your Heart Is All Alone Every Second Seems So Long When It’s Just You, You Can’t See Through Those Ol’ Clouds That Rain So Blue. But When Somebody Loves You There’s Nothing You Can’t Do When Somebody Loves You It’s Easy To Get Through When Somebody Loves You The Way I Love You. When […]