Chris Stapleton – Fire Away

[verse 1] Honey load up your questions And pick up your sticks and your stones And pretend i’m a shelter for heartaches that don’t have a home Choose the words that cut like a razor And all that i’ll say is [chorus] Fire away Take your best shot Show me what you got Honey, i’m..


Shannon Lawson – Goodbye On A Bad Day

You slipped off your wedding band And tucked it deep inside my hand Forced a smile and headed towards the door And as you walked out, i heard you say “things just haven’t been going our way And i don’t love you anymore” Now, after the day i had I could have done without that..


Adam Harvey – The House That Jack Built

I Knew A Man Named Jack Who Built A Little Shack A House He Could Call His Home And Love Came A Callin And Pretty Soon He Was Fallin And He Didnt Have To Live Alone Well The Name Was Jill And She Made Jack Feel Like A King In A Mansion On A Hill..


Connie Smith – Cincinnati, Ohio

One more hour and i’ll be home Close my eyes and rest my bones Can’t be more than a mile or so From cincinnati, ohio, cincinnati, ohio. Cincinnati where the river winds Cross the mason and the dixie line Heaven waits for me i know In cincinnati, ohio, cincinnati, ohio. I guess perhaps The memories..


Alabama – Theres No Way

As I Lay By Your Side And Hold You Tonight I Want You To Understand, This Love That I Feel Is So Right And So Real, I Realize How Lucky I Am. And Should You Ever Wonder If My Love Is True, There’s Something That I Want To Make Clear To You. There’s No Way..


Aerosmith – Come Together

Here come old flat top He come groovin’ up slowly He got joo joo eyeball He one holy roller He got hair down to his knee Got to be a joker he just do what he please He wear no shoeshine He got toe jam football He got monkey finger He shoot coca cola He..


The Harters – Gettin Out Of Dodge

(Chorus) Ready For A Change I’m Sick Of Walking Through The Rain I Knew That There Would Come A Day I’d Be Ready I’d Be Ready I Tiptoed Around The Glass In The Wake Of Our Aftermath So I Packed Up All These Memories Old Pictures Of You And Me And I’m Gettin’ Out Of..