Jon Pardi – Drinkin’ With Me

Does anybody wanna go out drinkin’ with me I’ve been workin’ like a dog and lord knows it’s been a long ass week I might blow my top if i can’t go blow off some steam Does anybody wanna go, go, go, go, go, go drinkin’ with me Does anybody wanna go tear up this […]


Brenda Lee – I’m Sorry

I’m sorry, so sorry that i was such a fool I didn’t know love, could be so cruel, oh, oh, oh, oh, yes. You tell me mistakes are part of being young but That don’t right the wrong that’s been done. I’m sorry, i’m sorry, so sorry, so sorry Please accept my apology but love […]


Alan Jackson – I Still Like Bologna

There’s Satellite Communications Long Distance Internet Relations The World’s A Little Faster Every Day I Know It’s All Well And Good And I Don’t Embrace It Like I Should But I Wouldn’t Wanna Go Back Even If I Could. Chorus: But I Still Like Balogna On White Bread Now And Then And The Sound Of […]


Shelby Lynne – Killin’ Kind

I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. It was so careless of me. I guess i’ve gone and done it, It was just a matter of time. Nothing i can do but tell you i’m sorry, And that’s the hardest part of love. Cause your love’s the killin kind Your love’s the killin kind Oh […]


Keith Urban – Somebody Like You

There’s A New Wind Blowin’ Like I’ve Never Known I’m Breathin’ Deeper Than I’ve Ever Done And It Sure Feels Good, To Finally Feel The Way I Do I Wanna Love Somebody, Love Somebody Like You. An’ I’m Lettin’ Go Of All My Lonely Yesterdays I’ve Forgiven Myself For The Mistakes I’ve Made Now There’s […]


Faith Hill – The Way You Love Me

If I Could Grant You One Wish I Wish You Could See The Way You Kiss Ooh, I Love Watching You Baby When You’re Driving Me, Ooh, Crazy Chorus: Ooh, I Love The Way You, Love The Way You Love Me (You Laugh, I Breath And Smile, When You Touch Me) There’s No Where Else […]


Ronnie Milsap – We’re Here To Love

We all live on a little ball spinning somewhere in space A tiny dot in the universe reserved for the human race And as our planet obeys the laws of gravity, nature and time We must look to the heart and find our part that we play in the grand design. We’re here to love, […]