Alan Jackson – Who’s Cheatin’ Who

Everywhere You Look You Can Write A Book On The Trouble With A Woman And A Man But You Can Not Impose, You Can’t Stick Your Nose In To Something That You Don’t Understand. But Still You Wonder Who’s Cheatin’ Who, Who’s Being True And Who Don’t Even Care Anymore It Makes You Wonder Who’s […]


Aaron Tippin – Sounds So Good

1st Verse Hey Baby, Let’s Jump In Yo’ Truck We’ll Ride And Watch For Lightnin’ Bugs We’ll Ride With The Windows Let Down There’s Nowhere Else I’d Rather Be Right Now Chorus ’cause There Ain’t Nothin’ Like The Sound Of A Cooler Slushin’ On The Bed ‘a Yo’ Truck And Ain’t Nothin’ Like The Sound […]


Brooks – Hillbilly Deluxe

Up in the backwoods down in the holler Ole boys feeling like a dog on a coller Keepin’ that chain pulled tight Waiting on saturday night Put on the smell good Put on skynyrd Head into town like a nascar winner Cruisin’ back and forth to the tasty freeze Everywhere you look all you see […]


Brantley Gilbert – One Hell Of An Amen

Preacher said he died too young over there totin’ that gun for uncle sam and our freedom mom and daddy dressed in black they folded up that flag handed it to dad started prayin’ yeah he went out 21 guns blazin’ an’ that’s one hell of an amen that’s the only way to go fightin’ […]


Old Dominion – Break Up With Him

Hey girl, what’s up? I know it’s late, but i knew you’d pick it up Naw, i ain’t drunk Okay, maybe i do have a little buzz but That song came on and i just thought what harm could come from one little call? I know you say you’re taken, but i say girl you’re […]


Buck Owens – Act Naturally

They’re gonna put me in the movies They’re gonna make a big star out of me We’ll make a film about a man that’s sad and lonely And all i got to do is act naturally Well, i bet you i’m a gonna be a big star Might win an oscar you can never tell […]


Toby Keith – Tired

My Name Is Jackson, I Was Named After My Father Followed In His Footsteps, Down Here To This Factory I Ain’t Complainin’, Wouldn’t Waste My Breath To Bother This Work Ain’t Hard, It’s Only Borin’ As Can Be Married Rebecca Back In Seventy-seven I Still Love Her And I Guess She Loves Me Too We […]