Toby Keith – God Love Her

Just A Girl Born In Dixie Washed In The Blood And Raised On The Banks Of The Mississippi Mud She Always Had A Thing About Falling In Love With A Bad Boy Yeah They Could See It All Coming But Her Daddy Never Dreamed She’d Grow Up That Fast You Know What I Mean The..


Toby Keith – I Wanna Talk About Me

Yeah, Yeah That’s Right We Talk About Your Work How Your Boss Is A Jerk We Talk About Your Church And Your Head When It Hurts We Talk About The Troubles You Been Having With Your Brother About Your Daddy And Your Mother And Your Crazy Ex-lover We Talk About Your Friends And The Places..


Sugarland – Stuck Like Glue

Mmmm Better…mmmm Better… Absolutely No One That Knows Me Better No One That Can Make Me Feel Sooo Goooood How Did We Stay So Long Together? When Everybody, Everybody Said We Never Would And Just When I, I Start To Think They’re Right That Love Has Died… [chorus:] There You Go Making My Heart Beat..


Shania Twain – Honey I’m Home

The Car Won’t Start, It’s Fallin Apart I Was Late For Work, And The Boss Got Smart My Pantyline Shows, Got A Run In My Hose My Hair Went Flat, Man I Hate That (hate That) Just When I Thought Things Couldn’t Get Worse I Realized I Forgot My Purse With All This Stress I..


Shania Twain – Up!

It’s ’bout As Bad As It Could Be Seems Everybody’s Buggin’ Me Like Nothing Wants To Go My Way – Yeah, It Just Ain’t Been My Day Nothin’s Commin’ Easily Even My Skin Is Acting Weird I Wish That I Could Grow A Beard Then I Could Cover Up My Spots – Not Play Connect..


Shania Twain – The Woman In Me (needs The Man In You)

I’m Not Always Strong And Sometimes I’m Even Wrong But I Win When I Choose And I Can’t Stand To Lose But I Can’t Always Be The Rock That You See When The Nights Get Too Long And I Just Can’t Go On The Woman In Me Needs You To Be The Man In My..


Shania Twain – Forever And For Always (green Version)

In Your Arms I Can Still Feel The Way You Want Me When You Hold Me I Can Still Hear The Words You Whispered When You Told Me I Can Stay Right Here Forever In Your Arms And There Ain’t No Way– I’m Lettin’ You Go Now And There Ain’t No Way– And There Ain’t..