Faith Hill – A Baby Changes Everything

Teenage Girl, Much Too Young Unprepared For What’s To Come A Baby Changes Everything Not A Ring On Her Hand All Her Dreams And All Her Plans A Baby Changes Everything [x2] The Man She Loves She’s Never Touched How Will She Keep His Trust A Baby Changes Everything [x2] And She Cries, Oh She […]


Billy Ray Cyrus – Talk Some

Well, hold on baby, something’s happenin’ here I read your body language perfectly clear But, something’s fishy baby, baby, It’s like the cat got your tongue Well you done proved you ain’t shy, honey Look me in the eye and talk some I know you’re there baby, i hear you breathin’ Let’s use some caution […]


Chris Cagle – Laredo

You’ve always been a friend of mine That’s the way we’ll be ’til the day i die Yeah it’s good to know you’re on my side ’cause now you know she’s leavin’ me And i need your help to make her see So turn on your charm and let it shine ’cause you’ve always been […]


Blake Shelton – A Guy With A Girl

Sometimes i’m the guy with the boys kicking it back Or the guy with the guitar singing on a country track I might be the guy with an ice cold can, Stirring up dust on some old farmland When i walk into the party with you girl, you change all that I’m just the guy […]


Chris Ledoux – For Your Love

For your love i’d rope the moon and put it in a blender Mix up a concoction that might make you surrender I’d ride the brand off a buckin brahma bull Rob me a gin mill I’d fill the ocean full I’d take on the army Her majesty’s marine Your love ain’t just the cover […]


Marty Stuart – Hangman

(Co. Written With Johnny Cash) I Killed Another Man Today, It’s Hard To Believe Well I Lost Count At Thirty And I’ve Grown To Numb To Grieve The Bottle Helps Me Cope, When I Lay Down At Night And When The Dope Rolls Through My Veins, It All Fades Out Of Sight. Hangman, Hangman, That’s […]


Faith Hill – You Re Still Here

Thought I Saw You Today, You Were Standingin The Sun And You Turned Away, And I Knew It Couldn T Be But My Heart Believed. Oh It Seems Like There Is Something Every Day. How Could You Be So Far Away, When You Re Still Here. When I Need You You Re Not Hard To […]