Aaron Tippin – If That Ain’t Country

Crank It. Where She Grew Up, There Ain’t No Roads. Out In The Sticks Where The Ginseng Grows. She’d Float Down The River To Get To School, Then Her Daddy’d Come Get Her On An Old Pack Mule. She Run Back And Forth From Shed To Shack. Checkin’ On The Moonshine Brewin’ Out Back. If..


Brantley Gilbert – Bending The Rules And Breaking The Law

Growing up i was always mama’s angel Never knew i’d ever fall from grace I was taught to walk for god and run from trouble But i ran with a crowd that was bound to change my ways I was proud to be in the bad news crowd The one my mama warned me about..


Reba Mcentire – Does He Love You

Reba: I’ve known about you for a while now When he leaves me he wears a smile now As soon as he’s away from me In your arms is where he wants to be Linda: But you’re the one he rushes home to You’re the one he gave his name to I never see his..


Brantley Gilbert – Outlaw In Me

She says baby what’s that scar from? I said, girl you don’t wanna know. She said, what about this one? that one? Girl that was a long time ago. She kisses and traces everyone with her hands. The look on her face says that she understands. My baby don’t try to change me. Cuz she..


Michael Ray – Wish I Was Here

Gimme me a boat, middle of may high of seventy-five Gulf coast wind, reeling in something big on my line Sunset dripping like a candle over the pier And i’d wish i was here Gimme a spot, barstool view, bulls eye up on the wall Ring a smoke, anything goes, a quarter after last call..


Michael Ray – Another Girl

She hung her halo up And put her boots on She got all prettied up Rockin’ in the mirror To a country song Girls in the driveway pickin’ her up She can hear that bass drum kickin’ All week long she been bottled up Like a time bomb ticking Aw, now look at her go..


Chris Stapleton – Whiskey And You

[verse 1] There’s a bottle on the dresser by your ring And it’s empty so right now i don’t feel a thing And i’ll be hurting when i wake up on the floor But i’ll be over it by noon That’s the difference between whiskey and you Come tomorrow, i can walk in any store..