David Nail – I’m About To Come Alive

I can hear you downstairs crying on the phone Telling someone that i’m here but you still feel all alone Maybe we were too young Goodbye, i’ve gotta go I can hear the baby waking up Got to get back to the life i know I should have never believed him Maybe i should just..


David Lee Murphy – She’s Really Something To See

She sat on the front porch and pulled on her boots In her favorite old faded blue jeans And one tail waggin’ puppy climbed up into her arms And i could tell he felt just like me No matter where she goes he’s never too far behind When she steps out into that morning light..


David Lee Murphy – We Can’t All Be Angels

Late nights and smokey ole pool rooms Bars closin’ down at three And i’m right here in the middle of it all With the bad company Well maybe you don’t understand it Oh and we might never agree But i’m past the point of making excuses That’s what i am and i guess the truth..


Sons Of The Desert – What About You

My alarm clock in the trash can At three a.m. last night I don’t need no wake-up call ’cause i can’t close my eyes When i do you’re all i see and all i dream about Girl you’ve started a fire in me and i can’t put it out I think it’s the real thing..


Sons Of Sylvia – Love Left To Lose

Here it is The last day of my life and i’m jumping in. Here it is One step into space and i’m falling in. And i ain’t gotta parachute, I ain’t gotta parachute Like you, It was you. You and me, We have our own world where i wanna be, Oh when i’m hurting you..


Sonny James – Young Love

They say for every boy and girl There’s just one love in this old world, And i know i found mine. The heavenly touch of your embrace Tells me no one can take your place Ever in my heart. Refrain: Young love, first love Filled with true devotion. Young love, our love We share with..


Shelby Lynne – Alibi

I know that look in your eyes I’ve seen it before Think i’d be used of it now But i beg for more I know you’ve been staying out late I hear you when you come in I pretend to be sleeping So we don’t have to act like friends Ref. My nights are not..