Toby Keith – Stays In Mexico

His Name Was Steve Her Name Was Gina You’ve Never Been Here Before Have You [spoken] They Met At A Bar Called The Cabo Wabo Cantena He Was An Insurance Salesman From South Dakota She Was A First Grade School Teacher, Phoenix, Arizona No, My First Time Here [spoken] They Started Dancing And It Got […]


Billy Currington – That’s How Country Boys Roll

They Wake Up In The Morning And They Drink Their Coffee Black They Love Their Woman One Beat Shy Of A Heart Attack On The Way To Work They Might Stop By A Fishin’ Hole That’s How Country Boys Roll Yeah, They Work, Work, Work, All Week Til The Job Gets Done Weekends They Bar-b-que […]


Ryan Bingham – Southside Of Heaven

When I Die Lord Wont You Put Me Up On That Train When I Die Lord Wont You Put My Soul Up On A Train Wont You Send It Southbound Give It A Cool Bluesman Name Ive Been Lost Out On Those Back Roads So Many Times I’ve Gone Blind Well And Losing Faith In […]


Brenda Lee – Silver Threads And Golden Needles

I don’t want your golden mansion With your tear in every room All i want is the love you promise Beneath the halo moon. And you think i could be happy With your money and your name And hide myself in sorrow While you play your cheating games. Silver threads and golden needles Cannot mend […]


Buddy Jewell – You Know How Women Are

So long fellas, i gotta go Told her i wasn’t gonna be, but an hour or so I know she’s bound to worry, ’bout me and that old car It’s not that she don’t trust me, But you know how women are A few weeks back, they took my job The money’s tight, time’s are […]


Shooter Jennings – Gone To Carolina

Everytime i think i smell that sweet southern rain It takes me to a station on that long black train I wanna hear the wind blow, feel the earth move below me In spite of all the good times i’ve got to rest my soul Chorus: So i’m gone, yes i’m gone, gone to carolina […]


Tim Mcgraw – I Can’t Remember Coatroom

I can’ t remember the coatroom i love the room is a Coatroom because is a malibu in the house of a dream House song because u love that heartbeat in malibu House i can’t remember coatroom i glad that songs do You really love that remember on the room they love Me in the […]