Carrie Underwood – Cupid’s Got A Shotgun

Oh He Gave Up On Arrows A Long, Long Time Ago Turns Out I’m Too Hard To Hit So He Put Away His Bow I Might Just Keep On Runnin’ From Here To Timbuktu ’cause He Gave Up On Arrows And I Ain’t Bulletproof Yeah Cupid’s Got A Shotgun Aiming At My Heart I’ve Been […]


Chris Stapleton – Might As Well Get Stoned

[verse 1] Well, she said, she didn’t love me And kicked me out the door Now i’m livin’ in one room And sleepin’ on the floor Think i’m gonna kick my boots off And put some music on And since i’m all alone I might as well get stoned [chorus] I might as well get […]


Sugarland – Settlin’

Fifteen Minutes Left To Throw Me Together For Mr. Right Now, Not Mr. Forever Don’t Know Why I Even Try When I Know How It Ends Lookin’ Like Another “maybe We Can Be Friends.” I’ve Been Leaving It Up To Fate It’s My Life So It’s Mine To Make Chorus: I Ain’t Settlin’ For Just […]


George Jones – He Stopped Loving Her Today

He said i’ll love you ’til i die She told him you’ll forget in time As the years went slowly by She still preyed upon his mind. He kept her picture on his wall Went half crazy now and then He still loved her through it all Hoping she’d come back again. Found love letters […]


Taylor Swift – Tim McGraw

You Said The Way My Blue Eyes Shined Put Those Georgia Stars To Shame That Night I Said, That’s A Lie Just A Boy In A Chevy Truck, That Had A Tendency Of Gettin’ Stuck On Backroads At Night An’ I Was Right There Beside Him All Summer Long An’ Then The Time We Woke […]


Brooks & Dunn – How Long Gone

I keep thinkin’ any minute you’ll be comin’ home honey, I ain’t seen nothin’ of you in a month of sundays. Tell me, how long gone are you gonna be? All you said was you had to get goin’. Oh, but baby, i wouldn’t mind knowin’ Just, how long gone are you gonna be? [chorus] […]


Allison Moorer – Send Down An Angel

It’s nearly 3 a.m. And still no sight of him When it comes to love I’m in the dark Lord, i don’t understand Why i stand by my man All he’s ever done Is break my heart Won’t you send down an angel From the blue To show me the righteous Thing to do Oh, […]