Alessi’s Ark – Wire

Keep it in my pocket She can’t hold it where she lay She don’t need it where she Plenty of that where it could pay I sit there by the counter Where i sell that things that kill Propped up by dollar bills Behind this rusty till I’m tired of walking this wire It keeps […]


Yankee Grey – All Things Considered

All things considered i’m doin’ just fine even though You left a hole the size of texas deep inside of my heart The way i feel i should be losing my mind But all things considered I’m doin’ just fine Woke up this morning to the sound of you slammin’ the door I got served […]


Brooks & Dunn – Honky Tonk Truth

At the life of the party baby since you said goodbye Just ask old joe he knows i’m here every night And that good ol’ boy in the mirror lookin’ round for you It ain’t me and thats the honky tonk truth (chours) Thats the honky tonk truth cross my broken heart I’ll put right […]


Reba Mcentire – Whoever’s In New England

You spend an awful lot of time in massachusetts Seems like every other week you’ve got a meeting waiting there Business must be booming or could something else Be moving in the air up there You say that its important for our future An executive on his way up has got to play the part […]


Willie Nelson – Bubbles In My Beer

Tonight in the bar alone i’m sitting Apart from the laughter and the cheer Scenes from the past rise before me Watchin’ the bubbles in my beer (chorus:) Visions of someone who loved me Brings a lone silent tear to my eye And i know that my life’s been a failure Watchin’ the bubbles in […]


Craig Morgan – Country Boys Like Me

Spent Summers Throwin’ Brim In A Red Ice Chest Gave My Heart To Jesus In My Sunday Best Southern Rock Rolled From My Radio Each Night When Freebird Fell Out Of The Sky Felt Like I’d Lost An Old Friend Of Mine Saw Hate In Livin’ Color On My TV Learned Black Kids Bled Red […]


Brad Paisley – Welcome To The Future

When I Was Ten Years Old, I Remember Thinkin’ How Cool It Would Be, When We Were Goin’ On An Eight Hour Drive, If I Could Just Watch T.V. And I’d Have Given Anything To Have My Own PacMan Game At Home. I Used To Have To Get A Ride Down To The Arcade; Now […]