Brooks & Dunn – Put A Girl In It

You can buy you a brand new truck Chrome it all out, jack it way up You can build you a house way high on a hill With a pool and a pond and a view to kill You can make all the money in sight But you ain’t livin’ a good life. ’til you […]


Adam Gregory – What It Takes

What makes you hurt? what makes you smile? What calms your nerves? what drives you wild? I wanna know, i wanna understand What it takes to be your man What’s your favorite color? what’s your favorite song? If i sing it to you would you sing along? I need to know, i gotta understand What […]


Shania Twain – I Ain’t No Quitter

He Drinks, He Smokes, He Curses, He Swears And Tells Bad Jokes And He Ropes, And He Rides, He Lives Life Fast And Loves To Fight He’s A Booser, A Loser, He Calls Me Up When He’s Had Too Much He’s A Schemer, A Dreamer I Tell Him To Change His Ways, But He Just […]


Darryl Worley – Have You Forgotten?

I hear people sayin’. we don’t need this war But i say there’s some things worth fightin’ for. What about our freedom and this piece of ground? We didn’t get to keep em’ by backing down. They say we don’t realize the mess we’re gettin in Before you start your preachin’ let me ask you […]


Aaron Tippin – Power Windows

Charlie Drives A Brand New Mercedes Benz. He’s Got Another One Just Like It, Just Like All His Friends. His Wife Is Playin’ Tennis And His Kids Are Off At School. He Drives Home To His Empty House And Sits By His Empty Swimming Pool. But, He’s Got Power Windows. He’s Got Power Brakes. He’s […]


Brenda Lee – I’m Sorry

I’m sorry, so sorry that i was such a fool I didn’t know love, could be so cruel, oh, oh, oh, oh, yes. You tell me mistakes are part of being young but That don’t right the wrong that’s been done. I’m sorry, i’m sorry, so sorry, so sorry Please accept my apology but love […]


Steel Magnolia – Glass Houses

There’s a killer, there’s a killer There’s a killer coming down It sounds just like a whisper From the corner of her pretty miles You can’t run like this forever Your engine will break down Besides that snowy river That leaves into the ground You’re building glass houses on the sand Then you stand around […]