Charley Pride – All I Have To Offer You (is Me)

Before you take another step there’s something you should know About the years ahead and how they’ll be You’ll be living in a world where roses hardly ever grow ’cause all i have to offer you is me. There’ll be no mansion waiting on the hill with crystal chandeliers Then there’ll be no fancy clothes..


Carter’s Chord – A Little Less Comfortable

Don’t wanna go through the motions Just because it’s easy Won’t you give me that old look Like you used to when you’d see me Let’s get back to livin’ life A little less comfortable When we didn’t have a nickle Not a nickle to our name Yeah, we were rollin’ pennies We were happy..


Blackhawk – Every Once In A While

When the moon is bright On a satruday night, There’s a thousand stars in the sky. On a winding road, Her memory flows. And she’ll face the fact, She wants to go back. She opens her heart to an old memory. She closes her eyes and she smiles. Just ask her if she ever still..


Billy Ray Cyrus – Under The Hood

Well my first love was a little corvette All done up in lipstick red I thought it’d last forever ’til the motor blew Well i guess i didn’t look close enough It’s a little bit just like falling in love Looks don’t mean a thing, if the heart ain’t true It might be a cool..


Bill Anderson – Still

(still) though you broke my heart (still) though we’re far apart I love you still (still) after all this time (still) you’re still on my mind I love you still I’ve lost count of the hours And i’ve lost track of the days In fact, i’ve lost just about everything Since you went away Everything,..


Taylor Swift – Style

Midnight, you come and pick me up No headlights Long drive, could end in burning flames or paradise Fade into view, it’s been a while since i have even heard from you I should just tell you to leave cause i Know exactly where it leads but i Watch us go round and round each..


Chase Rice – Gonna Wanna Tonight

If you wanna climb a ladder on a water tower Then we’ll kick it with the stars for a couple hours If you wanna then we’re gonna get way up high If you wanna dip your toes where the water stops Then we’ll let our feet hang off a fishin’ dock If you wanna then..