Ryan Bingham – Country Roads

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Ryan Bingham – Country Roads Lyrics

Do You Really Think You Know,
Exactly Where I Stand,
Or Did I Just Let You Down,
When You Found Out I Was Just A Poor Man,
I Might Of Took A Few Wrong Turns,
Down A Few Wrong Roads,
Wound Up In A Few Wrong Towns,
Where Nobody Cares Or Goes.

It Ain’t That I Can’t See,
Or Find My Way Home,
It’s Just That I Like To Breath,
Out On Country Roads.

I’ve Never Been Much On Down Town,
Or Cared For A Place To Stay,
I Know I’ll Never Wear A Crown,
I’ll Never Be A King Of Slaves,
Wash My Hands In The Rain,
I’ve Spent My Time With The Whiskey,
I’ll Never Give Up On Change,
Or Give A Fuck If You Will Ever Miss Me.

I Know I’ll Never Stick Around.
I’ll Never Lose Track Of Time,
Or Worry About A Little Old Town,
Or What I Might Of Left Behind,
I’ll Just Let The Sun Shine Down,
I’ll Just Let Them Big Wheels Roll,
Keep On Running Around,
Them Old Country Roads.