Steve Azar – I Never Stopped Lovin’ You

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Steve Azar - I never stopped lovin' you.

Steve Azar: I Never Stopped Lovin' You Lyrics

One time

I know last night,
Things got a little out of hand.
It seems with one slam of the door
Our world came crashing in.
And now you ask,
Can we start over again?
Tell me how can i start one more time?
Where would i begin?

I never stopped lovin’ you
Even in the hardest times
I never stopped believin’ we’d get through
I never stopped lovin’ you
Startin’ over now is somethin’ i can’t do
I never stopped
I never stopped lovin’ you

It’s been buildin’ up for such a long time
All the pressures of makin’ a livin’
Just pushed us over the line.
Now you’re afraid that we’ve gone too far
Oh but theres’ one thing you gotta believe
From the bottom of my heart.


I’ve done some crazy things
That i’ve lived to regret.
But givin’ up on us
Never crossed my mind
I’m not that crazy yet.


Lovin’ you…
Lovin’ you…
Oh i never stopped ( lovin’ you )
Lovin’ you

Song lyrics for I Never Stopped Lovin' You by Steve Azar. You can sing while listening to the song I Never Stopped Lovin' You performed by Steve Azar.