Bruce Springsteen – Streets Of Philadelphia

I was bruised and battered and I couldn’t tell what I felt I was unrecognizable to myself I saw my reflection in a window I didn’t know my own face Oh brother are you gonna leave me Wastin’ away On the streets of Philadelphia I walked the avenue till my legs felt like stone I..


Adam Harvey – I’m Doin’ Alright

I Know I’d Rather Be A Millionaire But I Just Dont Care I’m Doin Alright Cause I Know That You Are A Lifelong Friend And The Good Times We Spend Money Can’t Buy Business Suits Go Well With New Car Leather Seats And Believin In All Work And No Play Cause Livin Your Life In..


Carrie Underwood – Wasted

Standing at the back door She tried to make it fast One tear hit the hard wood It fell like broken glass She said sometimes love slips away And you just can’t get it back Let’s face it For one split second She almost turned around But that would be like pouring rain drops Back..


Gretchen Wilson – Grandma

Grandma’s turning 92 That’s a lot of years ahead of you So, listen close to what i say ’cause grandma’s feeling old today She said i can’t believe i’m sitting here As old as i am Never been stoned I’ve waited too damn long So, bring it on Grandma’s gonna fly So, i rolled it..


Blackhawk – I’m Not Strong Enough To Say No

The sign says do not touch. you’re out of bounds. You’re forbidden fruit, don’t come around. It says don’t make plans, ’cause on your hand Is a promise made to another man. ’cause when you’re around, my defences go down. Feelin’s get stronger, looks get longer. The closer you come, the weaker i get. If..


Garth Brooks – Friends In Low Places

Blame it all on my roots, i showed up in boots And ruined your black-tie affair Last one to know, last one to show I was the last one you thought you’d see there And i saw the surprise, and the fear in his eyes When i took his glass of champagne And i toasted..


Jon Pardi – Borrowed Time

Waitin’ at a stop sign, a school bus passes by Yeah that wasn’t long ago, that was me hitchin’ a ride And i lost track of many yesterdays, the way it felt to be that age The people, the faces, they all change Ain’t it funny how it slips away Yeah we’re all down here..