Aaron Tippin – If That Ain’t Country

Crank It. Where She Grew Up, There Ain’t No Roads. Out In The Sticks Where The Ginseng Grows. She’d Float Down The River To Get To School, Then Her Daddy’d Come Get Her On An Old Pack Mule. She Run Back And Forth From Shed To Shack. Checkin’ On The Moonshine Brewin’ Out Back. If..


Dixie Chicks – Landslide

I took my love and i took it down I climbed a mountain and i turned around And i saw my reflection in the snow covered hills Well the landslide brought me down Oh, mirror in the sky What is love Can the child within my heart rise above Can i sail through the changing..


Dixie Chicks – Sin Wagon

He pushed me ’round Now i’m drawin’ the line He lived his life Now i’m gonna go live mine I’m sick of wastin’ my time Well now i’ve been good for way too long Found my red dress and i’m gonna throw it on ’bout to get too far gone Praise the lord and pass..


Anthony Smith – If That Ain’t Country

Crank it Where she grew up there ain’t no roads Out in the sticks where the ginseng grows She’s float down the river to get to school Then her daddy come get her on an old pack mule She ran back and forth shed to shack Checkin’ on the moonshine brewin’ out back If you..