Jon Pardi – Dirt On My Boots

Been up since the crack of dawn Just trying to get paid Been hotter than a hundred suns I can’t find no shade Just two more rows and i’m good to go Yeah, i’m shutting this tractor down Get me a half an hour for a shave and a shower And i’ll be outside your..


Allison Moorer – Send Down An Angel

It’s nearly 3 a.m. And still no sight of him When it comes to love I’m in the dark Lord, i don’t understand Why i stand by my man All he’s ever done Is break my heart Won’t you send down an angel From the blue To show me the righteous Thing to do Oh,..


Tim Mcgraw – Losin’ You

You’re in the blue breeze blowin’ Across the sugar white sand And the roar of the wheels When i’m tryin’ to land In a hank williams tune And a coltrane song In the dead of the night And at the break of dawn It never gets old And it’s always new Everywhere i go I..


Collin Raye – On The Verge

Well they shouldn’t have played that good I got carried away and let the music go to my head Well she shouldn’t have worn that dress The way it curled around when she was spinning Just killed me dead My heart had began to tell my body and my soul, That it had gotten in..


David Lee Murphy – Party Crowd

She couldn’t keep from cryin’ when she told me goodbye And i knew lord it was breakin’ her heart, cuz she was breakin’ mine So for the sake of her feelings and the sake of my pride I told her not to worry about me So i’m sitting here soakin’ up the neon lights Misery..


Michael Ray – Kiss You In The Morning

Them jeans are faded in all the right places you got me hanging on tight to your curves like little e races girl your funky little back beat has got me feel like i’m tipsy and i ain’t even had a drink [chorus:] i wanna kiss you in the parking lot under the moonlight kiss..


Sugarland – Baby Girl

They Say, This Town The Stars Stay Up All Night Well I Don’t Know, Can’t See ’em For The Glow Of The Neon Lights And It’s A Long Way From Here To The Place Where The Home Fires Burn Well, It’s Two Thousand Miles And One Left Turn Dear Mom And Dad, Please Send Money..