The Harters – Why I Cry

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The Harters: Why I Cry Lyrics

Down In Havasupai Falls
He Picked Me Up And Threw Me In
And I Can Still Recall
Life And It’s Bash In The End
The A Hundred Miles East
There’s A Cabin In My Mind
Ooh I Can Still Feel The Heat
From The First Time Fire Light
And Maybe That Why I Cry

Right Now All You’re Seeing Are The Good Times
Don’t Forget Girl Why You Told Him Goodbye
Every Breakdown, Every Single Time That He Lied
Maybe That’s Why I

At The End Of A Long Runway
Beneath The Blanket Of Stars
We Used To Lie And Watch The Planes Land
And In Each Other’s Arms
Then We’d Both Be Flying Out West
Little White Chapel In My Mind
We Almost Took That Chance
That Night Under The Vegas Lights
And Maybe That’s Why I Cry

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Love’s The Reason
The Season Of A Lifetime
Take A Deep Breath, Walk Out In The Sunshine
Every Step Leaves Him A Little Further Behind
Maybe That’s Why I Cry

Song lyrics for Why I Cry by The Harters. You can sing while listening to the song Why I Cry performed by The Harters.