Gary Allan – Man Of Me

Well, High School got me educated, Still went and graduated, I didn’t have a clue Did a stint in the Navy, They did their best to break me, Somehow made it through, I’ve had some hard knocks I’ve been around the block But baby I believe That Lovin you made a man of me Raisin’..


Rascal Flatts – I Melt

When You Light Those Candles Up There On That Mantle, Setting The Mood Well, I Just Lie There Staring Silently Preparing To Love On You Well, I Can Feel The Heat From Across The Room Aint It Wild What A Little Flame Can Make You Wanna Do (Chorus) I Melt Everytime You Look At Me..


Alan Jackson – Sissy’s Song

Why Did She Have To Go So Young I Just Don’t Know Why Things Happen Half The Time Without Reason Without Rhyme Lovely, Sweet Young Woman Daughter, Wife And Mother Makes No Sense To Me I Just Have To Believe. She Flew Up To Heaven On The Wings Of Angels By The Clouds And Stars..


Colt Ford – What I Call Home

Man, i’ve been riding through the country for a while now Ain’t nothing like home, but y’all make everywhere fell like home for me Let’s go They say home is where you hang your hat But it’s hard when you a music man Gotta give my heart and soul every night to another fan From..


Colt Ford – Mr.goodtime

I got two shot glasses and a bottle of tequila with Nothing but time on my hands. I got my boots on tight and some money for the jukebox, So tell me if you’re ready to dance. I said hey good looking what’s on your mind. Is there something i can help you find? She..


Colt Ford – No Trash In My Trailer

Yes i live in a single wide, to get up here it takes a four wheel drive. Got a mean ass dog whose name is sickem sam. I got a motor hangin from a tree, a satellite dish and a trampoline. A sixty-eight red chevelle, been known to raise a little hell. All night, bar..